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Rescuing My Outer Goddess: VLCD 10

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Start weight: 246.5
Today's weight: 229
Total loss: -17.5

It has finally happened. I have been stalled for 2 days. How frustrating! I know it is just part of the process. After such good losses for 8 days, I expected one to hit soon. It has been my pattern that I will drop a big number and then zero the next day, another big number then a zero. Never two zeros in a row. So I just have to ride it out. Hopefully the scale will budge tomorrow.

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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    Remember, when your scale is zero, you are still reshaping, and losing inches. Your body is catching up! You are doing great! I have stalled for close to a week before. I never did anything to move it, just did protocol and then it moved. Just hang in there and know, it will move. You will be happy in the end.........trust me.
  2. ForeverYoung's Avatar
    Thank, Abinco, for the encouragement. You're right. I'm reshaping. I actually feel smaller today, even though the scale gave me a big goose egg. I'm sticking with it. There are still 30 days to go on this journey. Lots can happen.
  3. Abinco's Avatar
    Lots will happen, believe me. Its amazing! Hang tight!
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    Sounds to me like u are doing fantastic. 17.5 lbs in 10 days. Wow. I'm just starting another round, would luv those numbers! Keep it up, u seem to have a great attitude, that's always good.
  5. Nexuz9's Avatar
    Wow!! Your number are excellent. I like the goddess title, that is so true to me too!