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Rescuing My Outer Goddess: VLCD 14

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Start weight: 246.5
Week 1: -14
Today's weight: 226 (-3)
Total loss: -20.5

Yesterday, I went on strike....from my scale that is. After two days of zeros, then a loss, then a regain of that loss, I was a little bummed. I just couldn't handle looking at the scale. Rejoyce suggested that I weigh only once a week, which would be nice, but I'm required by my doctor to weigh daily. As my strike was only one day, today ends my second week at -6.5 lbs. Not bad for week 2.

Week 2 has been disappointing compared to my first week, but still pretty good. I knew my weight loss would be less, and I tried to prepare myself for that inevitability, but somehow I thought I would still eke out some losses each day. I looked over my food logs to see if anything stood out. Well, I may have discovered something. I originally thought that the melba toast caused me to stall, since after eating those, the next day's loss would be zero. BUT I noticed that I had beef on those days too, so maybe that's it. I'm putting it to the test tomorrow, and if the next day is a big fat zero, then I know to avoid beef for the rest of the protocol. I let you all know.

I am wondering how losing weight this fast will affect my skin. I've never had sagging skin, but have any of you veterans shown any sagging or loose skin? And what about stretch marks? Did they get worse, improve a little or disappear?

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  1. Antha's Avatar
    This is my first round, so take that into consideration, but you lost 14 lbs your first WEEK? Am I reading that right? That's really impressive. I'd take it! As for the beef and the skin, I cannot comment, but be thrilled that you have already lost 20 lbs. That's amazing!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Foreveryoung, I've lost over 35 lbs. and don't have any problems with sagging skin. Actually, I think my skin looks pretty good right now, probably because of all the water we drink. 14 lbs on your first week is phenominal! Keep it up. Some do say they have trouble with beef, and u may be one of those. I actually lose when I have been, thank god for small favors! lol. I still try to eat more chicken and fish, than beef. Maybe someone else will weigh in on the stretch marks and such. Good going!