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R2 P2 VLCD2 and VLCD3: The sniffing has started again.

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The worst thing about this diet is having kids who eat cookies and peanut butter. Oh, God, the peanut butter. Though I've switched to Natural peanut butter, I still love it, and I still crave it. When making my kids lunch yesterday, I spent minutes sniffing the jar of peanut butter, breathing it in deeply, enjoying the sensation it made at the back of my throat. So dreamy. And they had some animal crackers on Wednesday, which I could not hold back from either. They smell very good. Actually, they had a lemony scent to them, which I had never really noticed before. Either way, I love to sniff the sweet stuff. It's not the same as eating it, but it satisfies enough to get through my day and over the fact that I can't have what they're having.

I lost 2.2 lbs on Wednesday and 2.4 lbs today. I think that's what I've lost...I can't remember. Isn't that bad. Either way, I've lost all my load weight now and am into new, uncharted territory with my weight. Okay, I've been here before, years ago, but not recently. I'm a yo-yoer, so I've seen this weight quite a few times, actually. LOL

By the end of this round, I will fit into my wedding dress. That is something I'm looking forward to. Unfortunately, I have no place to wear it... Maybe I should throw a wedding party and have everyone come in their wedding dresses so that I can get a chance to wear mine again. No. That won't be fair to others who may not fit into theirs...I'll have to find a reason to wear the thing...Any suggestions?


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  1. karen's Avatar
    Hi can you eat natural peanut butter in phrase 2? Thanks
  2. Forgiven's Avatar
    Karen, no you can't eat natural peanut butter in P2...wait, let's make sure we got our phases together correctly...On these boards, P2 is the VLCDs. So, during the VLCDs, you can not eat natural peanut butter. After the VLCDs, on what this board refers to as P3, some people do. I didn't. Peanuts are really a legume, not a nut, so they technically are not on P3 protocol, but many people are okay with them on P3. I was too afraid to try. LOL I ate it a lot on P4 though and never had a problem with it...
  3. Wontonie's Avatar
    Forgiven, I 'sniff' my fiance's food all the time. He finds it amusing. But it satiates my curiosity at that moment about that tasty morsel.

    And don't fuss about today's gain. You know you will lose it in a few days.

    And that wedding dress, your darling husband needs to take you away on holiday and for a fancy dinner!