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R2 P2 VLCD6: Gain? What? Oh, wait, I think I know why...and no, I did not cheat...

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So, on VLCD5 I did Zumba. I had a half of a Jay Robb Protein shake before and planned on having the other half after the one-hour class finished. I felt great after the class, so skipped the other half of a Jay Robb Protein shake. I didn't feel as if I needed it.

Later, I had lunch, and then my husband and I set off on a bike (motorcycle) ride together. I knew I couldn't use sun screen. At least I don't have any sunscreen that's P2 safe in my house, so I didn't use any. Bad idea. First of all, I have auburn hair. Secondly, I have extremely fair skin. Okay, auburn hair and fair skin go together like a P3-er and cocoa crack, I get that, I should've put something on, just because.

Not even half way through the ride (we went to a place three hours away from our house) there, I could tell I was getting burned. So we stopped at a Walmart and I bought long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. I looked like a fool in the 90+ degrees, walking around like it was fall outside, but I felt better. Unfortunately, I didn't put the stuff on soon enough. I am extremely burned. It hurts to walk because the skin at my knees is so tight from the burn. Ouch!

Anyway, yesterday morning, I weighed in at a pound less, so I was happy because no only did I do Zumba, which could have stalled me, but I also got a horrible sunburn, which also stalls, or sometimes causes a gain.

Well, I've seen that gain now. Okay, it's only a 0.2 lbs gain, but still. It's there, and I'm bummed. What was I thinking? So not only am I in extreme pain whenever I move (even typing hurts because my arms move when I type), but I also gained. I'm going to throw myself a pitty party, I think. I'm so bummed about this.

Has anyone out there had sunburn and noticed a big drop once your body stopped retaining the water from it? I'm hoping for a good drop on the scale either tomorrow morning or the next day. I just feel so defeated this morning. Not enough to binge, but enough to cry. Hmm...maybe shedding a few tears would help...


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  1. emross82's Avatar
    Oh my god this is literally my issue too! I am also on my p2 vlcd6. Friday and Sat I have been having a jay robb shake ( egg white) I worked out sat did a 30- 40 min hike, 15 min elliptical and a core class, but no weights. I weighed sunday at 148.5..but that was at 12:30 pm before I ate anything. Yesterday I went for a 60 min walk an I tried the Jillian Michael's whey made with stevia (recommended by some people here) . And this morning I weighed in at 149! . 5 gain?? I was so upset. I quickly remember why I hate weighing everyday. The updown is emotionally stressful if you dont see what you like or want to see. Now I did weight at 5:40 am this am compared to 12:30 pm yesterday, so there is a chance Im the same as yesterday. But even that is upsetting.

    I will go back to egg protein and hope for a loss to make up for it, TOM may be coming end of this week which sucks!! So hard to keep positive during that. I may weight every other or few days. I know im on protocol... if I see I do not lose tomorrow again ( would suck!) Guess ill cut the shake. I just love it because it mixes it up, can only eat so much chicken. Im afraid to try cottage cheese, which i love. Guess ill save it for p3. I also heard that salt can cause a stall. I know I use that, I may have to stop for awhile to see. Good luck, keep me posted. On a diet where they say you lose every day and you stick to it, its disheartening to see a gain of any sort. I fully understand.
  2. emross82's Avatar
    Oh also, drink alot of water, the sun burn can be making you dehydrated which can casue a gain. Good luck!
  3. Forgiven's Avatar
    emross82, I love the shakes too. I haven't tried the Jillian Michael's shakes though. Are they good? As good as Jay Robb? The only reason I had the shake was for working out. Next Saturday, I'm not going to drink the shake before and see how I do. If I'm too weak during the class, I'll continue to drink a half before hand, but otherwise, I'm not sure if I need it considering I was fine afterward and during...not sure...

    Even knowing why you gain, to see it on the scale sucks. I hate it. I know my sunburn is causing part of it. It's pretty bad. I even considered going to the ER on Saturday night because I couldn't sit without horrible pain. I didn't though and am okay. I've been putting aloe gel on, which seems to be okay. It may also be a reason for the gain, but from what I've read on here and from the ingredients list on the bottle, I don't think it's causing the gain...

    Let me know how you do. I hope you see a loss tomorrow!
  4. emross82's Avatar
    The Jillian shakes are good, but not a whole lot better then the jay robb, so if it is that which caused the gain, I can totally wait til p3 to have it. I really hope that is it, im getting to the point I only want to weigh every 2-3 days so I don't freak out at a no loss or gain.

    That is awful about your sunburn. So sad we are all so terrified to gain that we dont use sunscreen...ive done the same but was lucky not to burn. I have been looking at the oil free kind and the spray seems to be oil free on alot of them. Thats to me is going to be the best part of p3. to have normal products back and not afraid to touch stuff! lol. The aloe may be causing your gain, but you cant be misrable, you have to use it. Keep you head up. How long is your p2 going to be? What are you weight loss goals? I am using meridian pellets, and they really do sem to keep the hunger level manageable. Hope you feel better soon!