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Day 2 of loading

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Hello All,

My husband and I are on day two of loading, it's not a good feeling. We are on this journey toward a healthy life.

I have a question for someone. I am experiencing some swelling on my
face. Has anyone else experienced this? I have only taken two HCG shots thus far. I would appreciate any advice, or encouragement at this moment.


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  1. alosingmom's Avatar
    Awesome idea to join with your spouse!! What GREAT support!!

    As for the swelling in your face, I would rely on calling your MD instead of depending on what someone else experienced. I looked in HCG for sometime before trying it and honestly never heard of anything TRULLY bad or should I say any worse than being overweight.

    Good luck to you both!!! and hope everything is ok!! let us know
  2. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Ask your doc about the swelling . . . my 2 cents is; if you are loading correctly, it could be from all that food or not sleeping well because of all that food.

    Good idea to do it with your man!