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Post HCG Diet Question - Seeking comments!

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Quote Originally Posted by freeandfun1 View Post
Hi. Well, today was my last day of injections and I have three more days until I start Phase 3. Now here's my dilemma.

I did the 40 day program under a doctor's supervision through a clinic. I am please with my results (32 pounds as of today), but I don't like what I heard today.... So I'm seeking comments/thoughts/suggestions/ideas from those experienced with the HCG program.

Before I started the program I advised the doctor that I had time to get through Phase 3, but then I was going overseas for an extended business trip (several weeks/a few months). Therefore, I would not be able to do another round for probably at least 6 months. With how good I feel and the energy I have, etc., I was hoping that I could now take the experience gained from this diet in controlling my portions/calories and apply that to a healthier lifestyle and, after Phase 3, lose more weight, just not on HCG (until I am in the states for long enough to do another round). However, she advised me today that after Phase 3, I should not lose more weight until I can do it while on HCG.

Is this a ploy by her just to keep me coming back to her, or is there a valid reason? She said that until I reach my optimal weight on HCG, my hypothalamus will not be reset as it needs to be. I on the other hand, do not understand why I cannot continue to lose weight through a healthy diet and vigorous exercise.

Frankly, what I heard from my doctor today made me quite frustrated and almost regretting getting involved in this program. I would like to continue to exercise and eat healthy and lose more THEN as I close the gap on my ideal weight, do the HCG program again to optimize my results. While overseas I can work out and eat healthily, so I do not want to continue carrying the weight I am still carrying. I want to continue losing - just not while on HCG.

Comments welcomed.

Thanks for letting me rant....

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  1. Oh2BSlim!'s Avatar
    Hi freeandfun1, Congrats on your successful 32# drop! WhoooHoooo! You know in your heart what is right for your body and what makes perfect, logical sense! Since you asked for input, I recommend you continue P3 for the full 3 weeks (no sugar no starch) and integrate workouts as practical. Remember this is stablization period and you should stay within 2# of LIW. Then you are the FREE and FUN lovin guy who continues to eat right because your hypothalamus was reset after stabilization (with this round) and if you consume less calories than you burn ... it's only natural and healthy to loose. What's so great about this HCG protocol is you will have concured the sugar & starch cravings and know how to control yourself. NEVER let your weight go above 2# over LIW, even after P3. If you weigh everyday and really watch yourself you will slim right on down to where you want to be, naturally. You will have a fabulous time in Europe (I just did 5 weeks of bouncing around on Eurail - What a blast!) and how great to not be a slave to food - just do what you know is right and have fun!

    Oh, and I would just ignore the doctor - no promises about a return round, just thank her for her assistance and go on with your life. If you do another round, you can do it by yourself now that you know how and save a ton of $$.

    Best to you and if you get a chance - give us a post now & then to let us know how you are doing and what a great time you are having!
  2. freeandfun1's Avatar
    Thanks! Yes, I plan to stabilize before getting aggressively into working out. I understand the point about stabilization! I was hoping to get a reply such as your's as it makes sense. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. And you're right, next round I can do on my own as possible and when ready!

    BTW: I'll be traipsing around Asia, not Europe! :-)
  3. Oh2BSlim!'s Avatar
    Actually - may be easier in Asia to avoid the temptations! OMG ... the breads, the pastries, the awesome foods & wines in Europe ... However, if I can control myself and maintain my weight while there, anyone can! Best to you and I hope you live up to your avatar. The Free & Fun One! and it would still be fun to hear how your travels are and that you are continuing to be successful with your weight challenges!

    I bought a heart rate monitor when I started working out - absolutely the VERY best investment (about $100) and it has proved to be incredibly helpful. Read about zone training and with the aid of the monitor, you will really have success, your words "aggressively working out" concern me ... doing it right is so important! It really helped me learn how to burn fat vs muscle and get firm. My husband actually said "nice legs" to me not too long ago ... huh??? Me??? Oh My, you have no idea how wonderful that was to hear! ;-)
  4. freeandfun1's Avatar
    I use a HR monitor now. Aggressive as in consistent. Up until about 2 years ago I was very fit and worked out regularly. I then got into a bad slump mentally and physically and put on 80 pounds over about a two year period. Has been very frustrating.

    Not aggressive as in over-exerting, but as in consistent and focused. Keeping in my zone to ensure I burn maximum calories and build optimal muscle mass!

    I spend a lot of time in Asia so the only challenge I see is making sure I don't drink too much with my colleagues. Other than rice and some potatoes, there aren't that many bad foods. I'll be in Korea mostly and will have access to lots of fish and some very good meats! :-)
  5. Oh2BSlim!'s Avatar
    Sounds like you've got it!! You are going to do so great with your weight, I think having a reference what it feels like to be very fit from 2 years ago will really help your visualization and focus your goal. I've never been fit - x-smoking lazy coach potato, I've never felt or looked better!

    So glad to hear you are already into the zone training and have a nice healthy diet to look forward to. Best to you and do post now & then!

    행복한과 안전 여행한다 (Happy and Safe Travels in Korean!)
  6. Oh2BSlim!'s Avatar
    Guess this blog did not know how to put the Korean letters in the post!
  7. Vineeta's Avatar
    Congrats on your loss. Have safe travels. Try to get lots of walking in. I liked your clarification on the aggressive exercise vs. consistent. I think that's a trap that many fall into. Try to find some form of exercise that you enjoy and can maintain over the long haul. As to the comments your MD made. I too think that you would be able to do another round on your own (barring any other medical issues). After all, it wouldn't be your first rodeo. You know the P2 routine. Good luck.
  8. freeandfun1's Avatar
    Thanks to you all for your replies! Oh, the Hangul shows. :-)

    감사합니다! 당신은 한국인?