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Still stuck....

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Here's my performance the last 8 days...

Weight -- Loss -- Total Loss
250.5 -- 1.3 -- 20.7
250.3 -- 0.2 -- 20.9
250.1 -- 0.2 -- 21.1
250.0 -- 0.1 -- 21.2
249.6 -- 0.4 -- 21.6
249.5 -- 0.1 -- 21.7
249.2 -- 0.3 -- 22.0
249.0 -- 0.2 -- 22.2

It's getting a little (lot) frustrating, but I do see a difference in measurements, so I'll hang.

I do know that muscle weighs more than fat, but since I'm not working out, how am I building muscle? If I'm not, then where is the fat going? On a 500 calorie a day diet (and I am staying between 475 and 500 calories and strictly following the protocol), I should be losing more than 1.5 pounds over the last y days regardless.

The first week was tough and I was tired a LOT. The second week was much easier and I had a lot of energy. For the past week I've been tired, hungry and frustrated.

What gives?

BTW: I'm giving myself daily injections.

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  1. MattsMom17's Avatar
    I can't speak from a man's perspective, but I can tell you that the weight you are losing is fat mostly; you're not gaining muscle unless you're working out too. Your body is doing a lot of adjusting each day. Keep in mind that your body is releasing fat to be used for energy, then having to deal with the remains of the cells, and eliminating junk including toxins stored in old cells. (this sometimes presents itself as a very itchy, red bumply rash - yep, I have the pleasure of that side effect). In addition, it is changing structure by moving normal fat reserves around and adjusting to the 'space' (if you will indulge me) left by the abnormal fat being used up. Also your body water ratio is changing. My body water percentage went UP by several percentage points. Since we're taking in so much water (probably more than you're used to consuming) it is getting hydrated to the correct levels. Plus you're putting your body into a kind of shock treatment (explains the tiredness). This is just my belief, but since all of that stuff is going on, some days our bodies don't register losses simply because there is SO MUCH GOING ON. Your measurements will start to change, but it will take time. For some it's faster, others more gradual (for me is was 6.5 inches lost - head to toe - in ONE week; 18.5 total as of 3/19). For men I haven't a clue!

    If I'm reading your blog correctly, you've lost an amazing 22 pounds in 23 days!!! That is fantastic and right on 'schedule' -- about a lb a day for men. I know no-loss days can be frustrating. In a two week period I had only 6 days of loss recorded. Yeah, I was MAD. But I would not have been able to lose 19 lbs in 40 days (today is my 40th day!) no matter what plan, except THIS ONE. I'm going till my drops run out, which will probably be about six or seven more days. Hoping that puts me closer to goal.

    As a side note since I saw the website you mentioned - prayer helps me to stay focused and put the emphasis on what God is doing in my life through this diet (not including the weight loss -- BONUS), and not what "I" am accomplishing on my own. I have learned much patience, and reliance on Him through these weeks. :)

    Keep up the good work!!! Do not cheat, do not quit. It's worth it!
    Updated March 23rd, 2011 at 05:04 PM by MattsMom17
  2. freeandfun1's Avatar
    Hi and thanks! Not sure which website you're referring to, but since you believe in prayer and God, you might like one of my favorites.... www.gracethrufaith.com! :-)
  3. MattsMom17's Avatar
    The website I was referring to was mentioned in your "about me" tab - yep, that's the one! :)
  4. freeandfun1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MattsMom17
    The website I was referring to was mentioned in your "about me" tab - yep, that's the one!
    Excellent! :-)