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Buying Hcg- Where Do I Start? (originally posted by mgsondance)

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1- Decide if you want to do homeopathic hcg (hhcg) or prescription strength hcg (Rx hcg)- I strongly prefer the latter, so my directions will be based on that. Advantages and Disadvantage of Various Methods

2. Decide if you want to do drops or shots. Both methods work equally well, and itís easy to adjust your dose as needed.
Shots- Advantage of the shots is that you only need to do them once a day, which makes them the easiest. You use diabetic needles so there is essentially no pain involved, although some people are queasy about the idea.
Drops- You have to do these twice a day, 12 hours apart. You have to avoid food and water 15í before, and 15í after, and hold the drops under your tongue for 5í so it takes a bit more time.

3) Ordering Hcg- The best place, in my opinion, is www.alldaychemist.com. Many people on here have been ordering from them for years, and they are a company you can trust. Since they are in India, you do not need a prescription- but your order will take anywhere from 8 days to 3 wks to arrive (depending on how long it gets held up in customs). If you want to get it in just a few days you can order from www.whenhealthmatters.com but it will be much more expensive. Another option is www.cheaphcgsupplies.com. There are a few places online that sell pre-mixed hcg drops, but I do not recommend these because you have no way of knowing when they are actually mixed. The reason there are so few options is that in the US a prescription is required. If your doc is willing to write you a script, you can get it through your local pharmacy. Wherever you get it from, do NOT let them sell you a vial of 10,000 iu's- some places will tell you that the hcg lasts 6 wks after being mixed, and it does not.

The shelf-life of hcg (not mixed) is generally a year or more, so buy all that you think you are going to need to reach your goal. The shipping cost is $25 no matter how much you buy, so itís to your advantage to buy it all at once- the hcg itself is quite inexpensive.

Brands- Some brands come with a rubber stopper, and some in a glass ampule. The ampules are much harder to deal with, so I recommend the former. Brands with this top are Hucog (powder), Hucog (pre-mixed liquid), Ovidac and Corion. All these brands are good ones. Corion seems to be the strongest, so you might need a bit less of it. From there Iíd say the next strongest is Ovidac, then Hucog liquid, then Hucog powdered. However, this really makes no difference- stronger is not better; you just need to be aware of this in terms of knowing where to start. Store all unused vials in your fridge.

Dose- We generally recommend people start with 150 iuís for shots, and 166 iuís twice a day for drops. We can help you adjust this if youíre hungry. Itís very important to NOT be hungry or weak on this diet- if you are, you risk decreasing your metabolism and/or burning muscle for fuel. Always ask for help on the forum if youíre hungry or weak. You may need to increase or decrease this dose, so I generally have people purchase hcg based on needing 175-200 per day. For drops, you might need to go as high as 250 per day, although most do well on 166.

The hcg starts to lose itís potency after 2 weeks. If you can afford it, itís best to buy smaller vials so that you can mix more frequently. If money is a real factor, Iíd say itís ok to use your hcg for up to 21-23 days. Some use it 30 days, although I donít recommend this. I would never recommend anyone use it past 30 days. Again, do not buy vials of 10,000 unless you are sharing your mix with another person- you are wasting your money.

Shots- Vials of 5000- One of these is sufficient for a short round (23 days). For a long round, purchase two and re-mix after 20 days. If you prefer to mix more often, buy vials of 2000 iuís. At a dose of 150, one vial will last you 13 days, so youíll need 2 for a short round- 3 if you think youíll need a higher dose. For a long round Iíd purchase 4 vials.

Drops- One vial of 5000 will last you about 15 days at the starting dose. So buy two vials if you're doing a round anywhere from 23-30 days, and 3 vials if you're doing a 40-day round.

Remember that you can do a round anywhere between 23-40 days. Some people believe you stabilize better with rounds at least 30 days. To figure out how much you need, estimate your dose and multiply it by how many days you want to do. If you think youíll use 175 iuís and you want to do a round of 30 days, youíll need a total of 5250 iuís. That would mean youíd need 3 vials of 2000. Or you could cut it by a couple of days and buy one vial of 5000.

4) Other Supplies:
For Shots- Youíll need sterile vials, syringes, bacteriostatic water or bacteriostatic sodium chloride, and some mixing needles.
A) Vials- I buy the 10 cc clear vials from www.gpzservices.com. The clear ones are less expensive, and you can cover them with foil (your hcg needs to be protected from light, and kept in the fridge).
B) Syringes- I prefer the 29 gauge syringes. You can get thinner ones (30 and 31 gauge) but then tend to bend. Buy ĹĒ long, 1 cc syringes for $13/100 at www.healthwarehouse.com.
C) Bacteriostatic Water- This lasts for 30 days once opened. However, if you use good sterile technique I generally say that itís ok to use it for the length of your round, even if 40 days. Therefore youíll need one bottle (30 ccís) for each round you do. You can buy this at www.missourimedicalsupplies.com.
D) Mixing needles- You need something to get the Hcg out of itís vial and into your sterile vial. In most states you can buy syringes individually (for about 30 cents) over the counter at your local pharmacy. For those states that require a prescription, they are also available at www.gpzservices.com. A common size that works is 1.5Ē long (make sure itís at least this long, to reach the bottom of the vial), 3 ccís, and 22 or 23 gauge. You will need one of these for each vial of Hcg you buy- you need to use a new one each time.

For Drops- Youíll need a glass bottle/vial (anything that you can reach the bottom of with your baby syringe), a baby syringe, and sodium chloride- marketed as ďWound WashĒ and available at Walmart and most pharmacies. You can by the baby syringe (make sure it holds Ĺ cc) at a pharmacy, or many times they will give you one for free if you ask.

While you wait for your order: Read the original protocol- http://hcgdietinfo.com/HCG_Diet_Simeons_Manuscript.htm

Also read the newcomer information series: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgvanillaforum/search/?PostBackAction=Search&Keywords="newcomer information"&Type=Topics&btnSubmit=Search

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