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Leptin Reset

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Originally posted by HCGCowgirl

Here are the 5 basic rules of the leptin. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I plan to follow in addition to the standard p3 rules:

1) Front loading of protein (50 to 75 grams for breakfast). Helpful to curb hunger later in the day. Share your breakfast ideas, please!
2) 2 to 3 meals a day, protein breakfast is paramount. No snacks, no eating after dinner. Paleo style eating (meat/seafood/poultry/eggs/fats/veggies). Real food does not come in a box. (Grammy, do you drink coffee or in between meals?)
3) little to no fruit, nuts or dairy at first. These can be introduced when leptin signalling is restored. (I plan NO dairy as paleo prescribes)
4) Sleep 7, 8 or more hours at night, goal is to restore a circadian rhythm sleep cycle.
5) No heavy duty exercise as it produces cortisol (as does stress, fear and lack of sleep).

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