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  1. Vlcd6

    Lost 0 after 2 days of vlcd. Not happy.
    I couldn't wait for Friday like I planned. Wednesday was difficult, so I wanted some success and that didn't work. I didn't work out and cut out both fruits and at 3 portions of 3.5 tilapia with spring mix.

    Trust god. Also, god,please take away the wrong thoughts that are going thru my head. Help me stop them at their root and replace them with thoughts that glorify you.
    In Jesus' name, amen
  2. Vlcd 5

    Didn't weigh. Having trouble finding the willingness to vary the food. God, please help me.
  3. Vlcd4

    Down 2.8 so .4 from start weight.
    I had 3.5 chicken and lettuce for lunch and dinner. I have the tilapia I cooked that I need to eat and also strawberries and a grapefruit along with cucumbers and broccoli. I just feel like all the other foods are smaller my choices take longer to eat.

    God, if I am supposed to mix it up, which has always been an issue with me, than please give me the willingness to eat a variety of foods.

    I have made the decision not to weigh ...
  4. Vlcd 3

    Down 2.0. I expected more. That's what lands me into trouble every time....expectations.
    Yesterday I had 3.5 chicken and spring mix, strawberries for both fruit and 3.75 oz tilapia

    I'm going to weigh tomorrow and not again until fri and Saturday.

    God is good. I am blessed. I am happy.
    This is not too hard!!
  5. Vlcd 2

    Down 3.4 after day 1. Which seems good except I gained 8.6 in two days. Over 4 each day.
    I do feel like I'm full of poop. I took 4 magnesium pills this am, instead of the usual 3. I wonder if my body is immune to those since I've been taking them for so long. I did take a tsp of natural calm at 2. We shall see.

    Yesterday I had 3.5oz chicken on spring mix with salt free spices , stevia and acv
    Both meals and 2 apples.
    2 big coffees with 1/2 T of cocoa and stevia ...

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  6. Vlcd 1

    I started pellets today. I wasn't intentionally loading the last two days, since I just started taking pellets today. I was frustrated that i didn't lose weight when eating just protein and veggies for 10 days so I ate nuts, quest bars and Cheerios with unsweetened almond milk and gained 8.6lbs. It's truly unbelievable to me that that can happen. And it doesn't come off quick either, but this time I will lose it in the first two days! I have faith.
    Vlcd 1 153.8