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God please help me

Vlcd 2

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Down 3.4 after day 1. Which seems good except I gained 8.6 in two days. Over 4 each day.
I do feel like I'm full of poop. I took 4 magnesium pills this am, instead of the usual 3. I wonder if my body is immune to those since I've been taking them for so long. I did take a tsp of natural calm at 2. We shall see.

Yesterday I had 3.5oz chicken on spring mix with salt free spices , stevia and acv
Both meals and 2 apples.
2 big coffees with 1/2 T of cocoa and stevia in each.

Today, I'm flipping up the fruit with strawberries.

I am thankful for my health, my family and their health, our home, our businesses, and the weight I lost this morning. Thank Yu, God.

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