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God please help me

Vlcd 5

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Didn't weigh. Having trouble finding the willingness to vary the food. God, please help me.

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  1. LovelyStacy's Avatar
    I see you're on Vlcd 5. The first week is the hardest. Be strong!
    Good luck
  2. MyriH's Avatar
    you need to find variety to avoid boreness and keep going. Try flavored stevia to prepare tasty beverages.
    I do Arnold Palmer with green tea and lemon stevia
    cappuccino with esspresso coffe and toffe stevia (and I add a couple spoons of soy milk or coffee mate, and yes I still lose pounds) you can add Ice if you like ice coffee.
    I used wishbone spray dressing for my salads and yes, I mixed spinach, lettuce, cucumber, onions, bell pepper, salt and lemon pepper and taste wonderfull, if you like spicy add picle banana peppers (the yellow ones)
    drink lots of coffe, oolong tea and yerba mate tea, get them at health stores, cause they have no quimicals or sugars.
    Good look, stay positive. God bless you.!