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God please help me


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Down 2.8 so .4 from start weight.
I had 3.5 chicken and lettuce for lunch and dinner. I have the tilapia I cooked that I need to eat and also strawberries and a grapefruit along with cucumbers and broccoli. I just feel like all the other foods are smaller my choices take longer to eat.

God, if I am supposed to mix it up, which has always been an issue with me, than please give me the willingness to eat a variety of foods.

I have made the decision not to weigh until Friday and Saturday. I don't want to be disappointed in the number. I trust god to help me thru the week. It is not too hard.
I am blessed, thankful, and I am expecting great results on Friday. I am hoping to be at 142 or below on Saturday.
Gods favor.

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  1. LovelyStacy's Avatar
    I too am pretty basic.
    However, I don't recall broccoli being a food choice on p2.
    Also, I only weigh once a week on p2 myself. I see no purpose in doing it daily. There's no correction day while in p2 & all it does is discourage you if it's not exactly what you hoped for.
  2. MyriH's Avatar
    I did correction day a few times, well not to correct nothing, but when I knew I had a dinner out, so I did Steak day, that way I can eat at the restaurant without worrying of how they cook my food.