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HCG and Aunt Flow Question.

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When aunt flow decides to visit and I suppose to stop taking the pellets? but stay on the diet? and when will I gain weight when aunt flow visit? CONFUSED

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  1. MeganP's Avatar
    I wasn't on pellets but I didn't stop
    Taking hcg I was cranky as it was throwin in only 500 cald and no recess cups at that point would of been bad you aren't required to stop it many females continue to take it Simeon's said gO off but most stay on now a days. And yes you may gain like .4 back it's just water weight from being bloated or you'll loses will slow thats all
  2. Deseret's Avatar
    Yeah, I didnt stop either but I wasnt losing as much weight as I did when I started over a week later forsure. I was losing maybe .6-.8 a day on TOM, but when I restarted a week later, my numbers havent been under 1.3 except when I had a little hard liquor
  3. GazaRatedx's Avatar