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1st Time HCG for me!

  1. P4 tougher for me this time???? Sugar intervention needed.

    I think it's tougher during the summer months to do this plan. I'm weak with summer foods....mac salad, hot dogs, ice cream, strawberry shortcake...yikes. I'm up 3# again.


    Ezekial english muffin with butter, Peanut butter and homemade elderberry jelly.

    Lunch/dinner: hot dog 1/2 roll, small order onion rings loaded with catsup and a small chocolate shake

    snacks: popcorn with butter
    apple, strawberries ...
  2. P4 transition & NYC trip

    photo-2.jpgOnto to P4 and maintaining at 169 which is technically 3# over LDW but I'm sticking with it.. P4 is great! Although the scales are not reducing my clothes are looser and tone is tighter. Reduced appearance of cellulite in legs and behind. I still have not measured after completing R2VLCD. Just so darned busy. It's on my punch list.

    Any how this past weekend went to visit daughter and we spent 3 days in NYC. What a hoot, Zarkana Circ du So lei at ...

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  3. P3 quick update....holding at 3# over LDW

    P3 was more difficult this time for me. I was soooo hungry after LDW. I've done about 4 steak days and only lost 1.5 pounds each time only to shoot back up to 3# over LDW so I'm going to stick with that as my final weight. As much as I love steak I'm just to darned hunger to go all day without food this time. Not sure what's the difference.

    Other than I've been working outside like a farm hand EVERYday even in rain if it's not pouring. We virtually could not do any spring work ...
  4. P3 Day 3 Okay time to get my head in the P3 game....steak day.

    Steak day....I'm 4# over LDW but it's really no surprise with all the food I've been eating. Not sure why I've been so hungry at the end of R2P2 this time. Or maybe it's just my mind wanting to go back to P4 and enjoy life without restrictions. But whatever it is it's time to get back in the game.

    Sipping my coffee this morning and filled the water bottle....holiday is over! I'll get at least 2-3 pounds off with steak day. They worked like a charm on R1 but I only had to do 2 ...