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1st Time HCG for me!

Day 3 VLCD Yipeeee 2.5 gone now we are going below LDW from round 1.

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What a difference this time with the hunger. I think the extra loading helped immensely. I started 4 days before VLCD because after reading through Pounds and Inches again, there's a section about sometime he had patients gorge for a week if they were life long dieters. Well that was me for sure. So this time I gained 4 pounds during load.

I'm really shocked that's all I gained because I ate so much my belly hurt. I'm just not used to eating those kinds of foods any more. But after doubling up on what I usually ate I only gained 1/2 pound. So I pulled out some of the old foods..... Fritos and french onion dip, donuts with coffee, butter cookies, fried chicken, submarine sandwiches, McDonald's burger and fries, ice cream sundae, chocolate molten cake, pizza, chicken wings blue cheese, chocolate bars, candy, cereal at night over the next 4 days and still only gained 4 pounds!

Not to mention eating all that food made me sooooo ready to get started on VLCD. All that food tasted good while eating but really made me feel logy and bloated, got headaches and unmotivated. Food definitely affects me. Day 3 on VLCD I feel like a million bucks ready to tackle the flower gardens and kick some yard ***!!

Breakfast: coffee with 1 Tablespoon milk....then I'll have a cup of hoodia coffee mid morning. Helps with hunger.

Took out another poached chicken pack and gonna make chicken and spinach soup Greek style by squeezing some fresh lemon into broth before serving. And my good trusty Crispin apple wedges with cinnamon and lemon for dessert.

broiled haddock with lemon and maybe I'll make some coleslaw. My kind of fish fry!

Red Roobis tea through out the day too along with my faithful 32 oz. water bottle, so between the teas and water bottle I'll get over 48 oz. liquid.

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  1. Deana's Avatar
    Hi Neighbor,

    I see that you are from NY and I am just across the water in NJ. I don't know how you ate all week and only gained 4lbs. I did the weekend and gained 4.8 and I was so sick! I forgot to eat my donut to! lol I loaded up Sat. in NY and Sun. in NJ
    Would you sharing the recipe for the Greek style soup and the coleslaw? This is round 2 for me, which I hope this will be my last round. But will have to wait and see. Thanks in advance! Deana
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    P2 Coleslaw
    Shredded Cabbage
    Diced apple

    couple of pieces of diced apple
    2 T. ACV
    Juice of 1/2 lemon
    orange & lemon zest
    few drops of vanilla stevia
    1/2 tsp poppy seed
    Flavored brewed tea *I used Red Roobis
    Sea Salt & Pepper to taste
    onion powder

    1. Take a couple of apple cubes and add the rest of the ingredients and liquify with a blender or thunder stick mixer.
    2. Make ahead of time and refrigerate for at least 1 day so flavors blend.
  3. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Great job! When the time comes for me to me to "reload" I will do a much better job gorging. I really didn't eat much more than I normally do before I started this first round b/c I didn't yet understand the concept behind it. Next time around I'll follow your example and eat everything!

    Thanks for the cole slaw recipe! Now tear that yard up!!!!