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1st Time HCG for me!

P2 Recipes with Picture Group has a lot good recipes check it out!

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  1. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Hey! So many of those photos are from YOU! Thanks so much!!! What great ideas...
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    Yup I started the group, cause I love to cook healthy food that looks and TASTES good. I started it on Round 1 hoping more people would post. Now we have over 135 members! And more peeps are posting pics and recipes. Keeps me motivated coming here and sharing. Thanks for looking, I'll be looking for some of your recipes.

    A lot of the stuff husband will eat too. And I've continued to cook like this after HCG just larger portions and add BUTTER/Cream of course when situation warrants it.
  3. MySmoochy's Avatar
    I'm just starting R3 and trying to come up with some creative recipes this time. If I try anything inspired, I'll be sure to snap a pic and post!! Great thread, thanks so much!!