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1st Time HCG for me!

P3 Day 2?? Up 2 pounds

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not over 2# but close....maybe a steak day tomorrow. I kinda started my P3 early with the holiday and all. I'm not surprised I am up two pounds since I had to pina colada's yesterday at lake party and an ear of corn. Naughty girl.... I made the pina colada with 1 can coconut milk, fresh pineapple, malibu rum with a splash of malibu mixer (had sugar) lots of ice and buzz in the blender. Oooh la la very good.

I was able to pass on all the desserts, strawberry shortcake, lemon meringue pie, cheesecake and fresh baked bread...yikes. could of been a train wreck but instead I had a stumble.

breakfast:small whey shake w/ small wedge of crustless asparagus quiche with cheddar

snack: sliced muenster cheese, couple slices of salami rolled up with lettuce leaf

Chicken breast grilled with the skin! yum Apple

Delmonico steak fried in butter and coconut oil with pepper rub, strawberries and cream.

an I'm planning an apple for night snack.

We'll see what the scale brings tomorrow...if it's over 168 steak day it is. Darn....really like eating again. Love my meats and fruits....got to remember to drink more water.

Got the vegetable garden planted this weekend, 2 new hosta gardens planted and all the fruit sprayed, the swimming pool filled and vacuumed....will shock tomorrow then will be ready to swim in by Wed. Bacquacil is awesome chlorine replacement. I was actually in the pool today vacuuming, it's pretty clear without chemicals ....amazing really. Got to get those tan lines evened up from my sunburn. Got 2 weeks till go to NYC with the daughter.

Yikes will I ever catch up with gardening after all the rain....my yard is still like a squishy sponge. Bluberries look a bit sad from all this rain,,,,but the strawberries are going to be stupendous!

Off the watch another episode of "Big Love"....renting season 2 on Netflix. It's an HBO series about polygamy...great show very entertaining.

ttfn G

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    You are so busy! It's a wonder you even have time to eat... let alone prepare all of the food. It sounds like you got a lot done -- great job! My day was far less productive... but good just the same.

    Good luck on the scale tomorrow!
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    Oh there's always time to eat for me....lol I love my foods...that's the problem though, maybe a little to much still. You're right I am busy...too busy for my liking but it's been raining here for the past month so everything is overgrown and in need. Our NY summers are so short that us Yankees always try to fit a year's worth of living in 4 months.

    If I had my way I'd move south a bit to have longer seasons. Scale not so good today...steak day.

    How you doing girly?