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1st Time HCG for me!

P3 quick update....holding at 3# over LDW

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P3 was more difficult this time for me. I was soooo hungry after LDW. I've done about 4 steak days and only lost 1.5 pounds each time only to shoot back up to 3# over LDW so I'm going to stick with that as my final weight. As much as I love steak I'm just to darned hunger to go all day without food this time. Not sure what's the difference.

Other than I've been working outside like a farm hand EVERYday even in rain if it's not pouring. We virtually could not do any spring work this year because of rain. So now it's been a made rush to get a garden put in and weeding, raking, mowing and mulching to catch up on. Finally, our lawn does not look like a hay field. I've also been sunburned three times now....you'd think I'd be smart enough to get in out of the sun when 30 SPF runs out...lol

I think it's safe to say at this point the January shoulder surgery was a GREAT success. I'm doing more work this year than I have the last 5 years combined...DH can't keep up with my yard projects. Bless his heart, he is so wonderful at trying though. Did I mention the new Mantis tiller? LOVE it...what a a little work horse, and the Stihl weed wacker is my 2nd favorite gas operated tool. #1 is my Japanese weed sickle.

My diet pretty much consists of all kinds of meats, cold cuts, mozarella cheese and predominately green veggies and APPLES are still my addiction. At least 2-3 apples per day and water. Whenever I feel really hungry apple and glass of water do the trick.

Also had Sugar Free Perry ice cream at the local Tastee Freeze and my coveted ezekiel english muffins with butter, peanut butter and homemade elderberry jam for breakfast. Once I have my little muffins life feels back to normal...pasta and rice not a biggie for me now. But my muffins scratch the carb crave.

Plans to go to see daughter tomorrow for a fun filled weekend in the big apple.....Cirq du sole at Radio City, Big Apple BBQ in Central Park, Spa treatments at an Indian Ayruvedic salon (hot oil head massage and hot oil foot/leg). NO GARDENING for four days...maybe I can stabilize better.

My daughter is a size 2 and is a sugar/carb counter so there will be no food issues while with my baby girl. She's one of my biggest fans and we will going to the 5th Ave. Gap for some new jeans! I only have one pair of GAP jeans that fit now! Size 12 and there's room in the waist band...no muffin tops.

Time to get moving...this morning migraine is subsiding and I have a punch list a mile long to finish before I take off tomorrow at 2PM.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

I am now that the pool is open...splish splash

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  1. scientistmac's Avatar
    Glad to find another hcg-er who isn't forcing their body to stay within that 2 pound window! I'd have to do a steak day twice a week for that. I finally realized that my body is going to do what it wants to do. I'm eating healthy, working out on a regular basis (for the first time in my life) so if the scale goes higher than I'd like I just shrug and walk away. It's a great feeling!
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    My thoughts exactly! After doing several steak days and weight keeps going to 169 rather than the 166 LDW...what's a girl to do. Fretting and starving are not in my plan. Besides planning another round in Oct. before holidays and I'll get another 10# off then. But for now being 30# lighter than I was last year at this time is heavenly. So why would be fret over literally being 1# over the 2# limit? Right?

    Yeah I would of liked to stay at the lower weight but body does not seem to be cooperating. As long as I get to stay in the 160"s I'm good.

    It is a good feeling....thanks for the encouragement...nice to know I'm not the only one not within the coveted 2# over LDW....P4 is coming soon and last time I dropped a pound during that....so you never know. Not worth driving ourselves crazy over.

    Enjoy the summer!
  3. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Holy Moses, you've got a busy trip ahead of you! And, I wish I had my own tiller! I'm jealous! Then again, I've got 4 teenage boys I send out with shovels when I need something tilled. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Bleh - I wouldn't worry about settling around 3# over LDW. I've stayed right around 3+ of my LDW since I've been on P3. Then again, I've been cheating like crazy... so I have no room to gripe.

    Have a great time in the Big Apple!