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1st Time HCG for me!

P4 tougher for me this time???? Sugar intervention needed.

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I think it's tougher during the summer months to do this plan. I'm weak with summer foods....mac salad, hot dogs, ice cream, strawberry shortcake...yikes. I'm up 3# again.


Ezekial english muffin with butter, Peanut butter and homemade elderberry jelly.

Lunch/dinner: hot dog 1/2 roll, small order onion rings loaded with catsup and a small chocolate shake

snacks: popcorn with butter
apple, strawberries while picking

(2) ice coffee with 2 tsp. turnbinado and cream

lots of coffee, water and another sunburn. Damn it's like the 4th burn this season.

Today's plan....steak day AGAIN. My fault just to darned impatient this time to add things slowly. Get your head back in the game Gina....wth. You don't want to gain it all back!!!

Ok, Ok I'm trying. No sugar today. Sugar is evil.....I just plain LOVE ice coffees and ice cream....may need an intervention.

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    Sugar is evil!! You can't just have a little sugar... once you start -- agh!

    But I am actually have more of a problem with carbs in general. Once I start, I can't stop! I had Fajitas yesterday and was only going to eat 2 of the Flour Tortillas... I ate all 4 of them! I need to remember to stick with my pre-meal plan.

    Is your gain definitely from what you're eating... or sunburn? I really shot up when I had my sunburn and was able to come back down by eating clean and drinking lots of water.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    I'd love to say the gain was from just sunburn...but I'd only be fooling myself. Just plain gobbling more this time. My hormones are all messed up my doctor says and the one thing she's got me on makes me hungry I found out. Great..... so I guess my thyroid is still screwy too. Just had some more bloodwork and will find out more next week. But for now I'm trying not to eat so much.

    Thank God for Apples. Apples are my lifesaver most days. Although I lost 2.5 pounds yesterday....today I've been munging on

    3 hotdogs, ezekial english muffin with PB&J, 1 slice pizza and a baby ice cream cone....and 2 apples....ice coffee with 1 sugar and a stevia and water, water and more coffee with just cream. So we'll see if I cancelled yesterdays protein day.

    Feels like I have diet ADHD this time...kinda all over the place. Spreading myself to thin...(no pun intended) with all these summer yard projects...

    Maybe I'll try to kick the coffee down a bit to slow down the brain....

    But sugar is definitely evil! My doctor says if you are overworked and stressed you'll crave sugar because adrenal exhaustion. Not been sleeping well either. Damn sounds like I'm falling apart .....LOL

    Off to bed early tonight. With any luck it will rain the next four days and I can get caught up with all the inside work now. Summer in NY is so crazy !!! We try to fit 6 months of living into 3.

    Happy 1st day of summer everyone.