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1st Time HCG for me!

P4 transition & NYC trip

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photo-2.jpgOnto to P4 and maintaining at 169 which is technically 3# over LDW but I'm sticking with it.. P4 is great! Although the scales are not reducing my clothes are looser and tone is tighter. Reduced appearance of cellulite in legs and behind. I still have not measured after completing R2VLCD. Just so darned busy. It's on my punch list.

Any how this past weekend went to visit daughter and we spent 3 days in NYC. What a hoot, Zarkana Circ du So lei at Radio City...amazing! Big Apple BBQ ....ate lots of meat but my favorite was a beef brisket and Dinosaur BBQ pork shouldrer from Syracuse NY believe it or not. Who'd a thunk a Yankee could make such a good BBQ...lol

Then massages at Indian spa....kind of a disappointment. French Mani/pedi was great! Shoe shopping....love my new sandals...so NYC. Then we hit Mandi's clothing store....jackpot. So cheap and I could actually fit things my daughter picked out. Starbucks on 5th Ave. people watching.

243261_10150206517276375_506806374_7277026_2038301_o.jpg Love people watching. New Yorkers are just so eclectic, you see all kinds of fashion. But the one common thing is no one is overweight. Everyone looks fit (except the tourists). New Yorkers walk every where. We stayed at my daughters friends who lives in a 4th floor walk up. I got so much exercise just living there for 3 days! And not to mention the food choices are amazing. At the diner on the corner I had the most awesome steel cut irish oatmeal with fresh strawberries and bananas and cream for breakfast. Yeah it cost me $10 but the fact was I could get it! Any place we went the menu offered gluten free, vegetarian, low carbs and fresh fruits and vegetables. Fast food is not a big thing in NYC, it seems people are more interested in their health.

Trader Joe grocery stores everywhere. Fresh produce vendors on the streets. Even at the BBQ the portions weren't oversized. Fresh bakeries, meat markets and deli's abounded. Eating "good" food is more of a standard in NYC. I love NY pizza too. Super thin crust and fresh mozarella and pepperoni was not floating in grease....delish.

photo-2.jpgBartini's Martini bar in the village is owned by a close friend of daughter. Cucumber martini...yum (made with organic vodka) and a slice of fresh cuke.....divine. And we sampled many others lychee fruit, raspberry, plum and fresh mojitos. Yikes was I staggering...lol but no sodas. Saw my first drag queen show....omg I'm such a small town girl.....lol We had great fun. Gay men are so darned good looking...but it is a bit strange being one of only 3 women in the entire place. But gay bar is a very safe place for a married lady to hang out. Great music too.

All in all I had a fabulous time and did not gain an ounce....actually lost 1 pound...even with all the alcohol.

"There's no place like home though".....so glad to back home to my small town with weeds taking over my gardens. "Ain't life grand?"

Peace out.
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Updated June 15th, 2011 at 05:24 AM by ginal5



  1. Tate's Avatar
    You look absolutely wonderful! I love how you are stabilizing so well. Your trip sounds AMAZING. That is basically the dream trip my mom and I plan to take together some day. It was fun to read about it. Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    Thanks Tate! Stabilizing was a little trickier this 2nd time but I'm doing it. My trip was a BLAST....do you know someone that lives in NYC? That's the best way to go and save money! Daughter has several friends there now, so we have a couple of places to choose from. And the new Iphone there's a NYC app map to get you around by walking or transit. Very cool. Loved it.

    You'll have great fun with Mom we sure did.

  3. Tate's Avatar
    We actually do not know someone who lives in NYC, which is why we'll have to be saving to be ready for our trip! I have four little ones right now, so our trip is probably a couple of years away, but I still love to think about it! We took a fun trip to Chicago two summers ago, and it was something we had talked about doing since I was a little girl. I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so we love to take the "big city" trips.
  4. ginal5's Avatar
    Tate-that's the best way to see the city for sure! Yeah that's me I grew up in the country (Grandpa was Amish) and I live on a 100 acre farm now. So going to the city is a big thrill and it really makes you appreciate our simpler slower pace of life back home. As much as I love to go I love to come home even better.

    Enjoy those babies they grow up sooo fast. My baby is going to be 32 this year....and she's one of my best friends.