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1st Time HCG for me!

R2 VLCD#19 up another 1/2 pound...really??? This really bites the big one!

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Okay so now I'm getting pissed. Absolutely no losses since last Friday and now I've gained another 1/2 pound. So much for refined coconut oil being P2 friendly for skin...

Only got 2 days left to loose anything now I'm at 13 pounds and only 9 if you don't count the load weight. Absolutely not once have I cheated since Friday. And only twice this entire time have I had more than the alloted "strawberries". Come on really 1 pound gain from sunburn and coconut oil on skin???? It's official I'm disgusted.

yesterday food

1 cup tomatoes, 100 gram chicken with italian herbs apple

100 grams steak, romaine acv and lemon juice, apple

water, tea, coffee

Worked in garden for over 8 hours yesterday and not been sleeping well. Maybe that has something to do with it. ????? Oh well Friday is my last dose then Tues. this will be over. On with P3 and will try again come fall.

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Updated May 25th, 2011 at 11:38 AM by ginal5



  1. Vineeta's Avatar
    I think not sleeping well really does affect the loss rate. I don't seem to lose as much when I'm not getting decent sleep. Also thinking that losses tend to slow down when doing R2. Ditch the disgust, go bury it in the garden.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    I agree with Vineeta, on both counts. Lack of sleep, and you weigh less now than you did, plus you could add the hard yard work. All those can conspire against you. Hang in there. Remember 2/3 lbs don't really show up all that much anywhere, except on the scale. You're planning on another round in fall, then you're fine. Try not get discouraged!
  3. ginal5's Avatar
    I'm sure that's what it is...so I went back to bed and got out on the other side. Going to focus on P3...Friday is last dose then Tues. cream in the coffee and some real food. Can't wait! And my daughter will be home this weekend to play beauty salon.

    Still exhausted may go take another nap and finally got a BM after which I realized has been 5 days. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. Just very disheartening when you follow all the rules, measure out everything and loose only 9 pounds after load weight total for 23 days of strict protocol. So I guess this is how all future rounds will be?? I'm hoping to only need one more. Please, please.
  4. rockbottom's Avatar
    Gina, I am curious -- is there a reason you are doing a 23 day round versus a longer one? I have been trying to figure out how people decide how long of a round to do -- and I can't figure it out. You shall be my first Test Poll subject.
  5. ginal5's Avatar
    Hey RB, I'm doing a 23 day round 2nd time because I did a 40 day the first time and it was too long for me "mentally". I get very aggravated to be on a diet. And I was experimenting to see what the losses would be long vs. short round.

    So far I've got to say the short round has it for me. I'll never do another 40 day. It felt like an eternity when you add the 3 weeks for P3 then another 3 weeks for P4, it totals over 3 months. E-gads that was a long time to be on restriction. So this time 23 days feels like a snap but the this last week is trying for me and I can't wait to get back to normal eating.

    It's also a social thing for me, it's just to darn hard to dine out while on plan. Even going out to lunch with a gf for salad can be like navigating a land mine. So this time I have not eaten one bite away from home. And that gets tiresome to fix EVERY meal at home. Makes me feel like I'm in "Time Out".

    Less stress for me with 23 days of scale anticipation. Every morning past week one is filled with trepidation, "Will today be a loss?" And the plateau is brutal.

    Round one I did a 40 day round because everyone says they loose 30 pounds or more. So I thought it would be worth it to tough it out. 30 pounds was not the case for me 17 more like it. So this time I'm now up to 10.5 if you don't count the 4 pound load. And I've still got one more loosing day left. So it looks like there will be a 5-6 pound difference. So it's still worth being done 17 days sooner for a measly 5 pounds.

    Lastly, I truly enjoy my coffee with cream and black coffee just does not cut it for me. If I could have half and half in my coffee I could do this program for 100 days. But without it 23 days is a stretch. Next Tuesday I'll wake at 5am just to have my cream in the coffee.

    Hope that helps with your survey.
  6. rockbottom's Avatar
    Excellent! I was definitely curious and those are all great reasons. (I especially love the coffee reason... hee hee)