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1st Time HCG for me!

R2VLCD#17 1st day no HCG

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Up 1/2 pound this AM but I had extra protein yesterday....the hungries were bad again. Maybe my HCG got weaker, not sure why I was so hungry. Or all of a sudden my dose is to high?? Regardless I had another whey shake and double protein for dinner last night. Been really craving fats like butter and cream. I'm having cream in coffee again. Ah life is good. I know it's technically to early but I guess this is what called "Goin Rouge"....lol

Not sure if 3 days will be necessary on VLCD. I'm planning on a chicken BBQ Monday and yes I'm eating the crispy skin! Feeling hungry already this morning...what the heck?? Looks like a whey shake again...hopefully this hunger will taper off. But if it keeps up, I'll just add protein. I also ate the biggest apples I've ever seen yesterday.

Gotta go to pool school this morning....1st time opening swimming pool. Kids are coming home this weekend for bbq Monday. I'll eat mostly P2 with the exception of skin on chicken and extra protein.

If it ever stops raining maybe the vegetable garden will get planted this weekend too. Very busy weekend planned, will pop in to update progress. P3 is a love....soooo ready.

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