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1st Time HCG for me!

For the record....kale chips SUCK!!!!!

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Yuck, uck, ugh wash my mouth out with soap. OMG I can't believe anyone eats these things. I tried them after googling pop corn replacement. Unless you like the taste of bitter crispy paper cabbage don't waste your time!

OK that's it I'm going to have to try popcorn to see if I gain. If kale chips are a popcorn replacement than I'd rather eat cow chips! lmao

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  1. Xarmani's Avatar
    Thanks for the review i wanted to try Kale chips. I did like apple chips . Am staying away from kale chip.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    I thought people did that with spinach? I tried the spinach, baking with garlic salt, onion salt, but I burned mine so badly I couldn't scrap off the daggone cookie sheet. Didn't try them again. Definitely won't try the kale.
  3. AZJan's Avatar
    I tried making the spinach chips...ugh...too salty...and thought maybe it's been so long since they had the real thing people actually think these replacements taste good?!? I'm wondering if I even want to try doing an Oopsie roll...LOL!
  4. ginal5's Avatar
    I didn't see a recipe for spinach, not sure if I'm brave enough to try it again. Thank God for parchment paper or I'd have ruined a pan myself.

    I'm thinking just having 4 corn chips is better than choking this stuff Then to top it off I tried the cauliflower pizza crust....double ick. LMAO

    apple chips sound good will definitely try those. can't mess up apples.
  5. Feisty's Avatar
    LOl you guys r too funny. Only caution I've heard on the apple chips is don't over indulge because of the possible concentration of sugar. I made the spinach chips with a honeymustard glaze and curry. I liked them