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  1. VLCD#38 down 1 pound! 22.5 YTD Last day of hcg

    Yippee down 1#. Today is final dosage of HCG at 9:30 PM. So my question is will tomorrow mornings weight be considered my LDW (last dose weight) if I've got my acronym correct?

    I hope so cause maybe I'll loose a bit more, no BM in over 4 days. Drank some "get moving" tea last night usually works by lunch time next day.

    This is very exciting and scary at the same time. I'm so ready to stabilize & maintain solidly, so I can go right back into R2 February ...
  2. VLCD#37 WTH up 1/2 pound????

    Well went shopping and gf wanted to go to lunch after checking menus we went to Friendly's. I ordered the Harvest salad no walnuts or blue cheese with lemon wedges. So basically the salad was mixed greens, with plain apples wedges and grilled chicken and I used lemon for my dressing.

    4 oz. organic all white Andoule chicken sausage 0 sugar 0 carb
    1/2 cuke
    1 apple
    Daily caloric intake 425!!!!.........that's it!!!

    Maybe the Friendly's ...
  3. VLCD#36 Down another POUND!! Getting tired of this food...

    Hurray another whole pound! For a total of 22 pounds now.

    I am getting so tired of this food though. Just can't stand the thought of red meat. I'm so steaked and ground beefed out!!! Fish is getting pretty boring too. And romaine and baby spinach.......I so need a break from leaves.

    Yesterday for dinner I was not able to finish my salad. I forced down the shrimp for lunch and had 1/2 a cuke instead of salad. Dinner has cajun mahi mahi but it was so dull I ...
  4. vlcd#34 down 1.5 & VLCD#35 down .5 Wahoo smaller undies!

    Ok missed a couple of days been nursing a bad shoulder. But good news to report down 2 pounds since last post! For a ytd of 21 pounds. I'm really hoping for 4 more pounds to hit the 25 pounds in 40 day goal I set as a minimum loss for myself. So I've got 6 more weigh ins before starting P3.

    Question: Can you keep loosing during the last 3 days of VLCD without the hcg before we actually begin P3?

    Been collecting my P3 recipes....can't wait to try some. By this time ...

    Updated December 31st, 2010 at 11:55 AM by ginal5

  5. vlcd#33 no change.....crap :( When can I start R2?

    Not to much time left on P2 hopefully the scale will keep moving....my progress is very unpredictable and frustrating. I want that pound gone so I can say 20 pounds lost! WTH????

    I feel bloated and have been spotting off and on for 3 weeks which is annoying to say the least. I'm sure it has something to do with the non movement on the scales. The 1st week is the only time I lost well and I was not spotting.

    Not much I can do about it since menopause has a mind ...
  6. vlcd#32 hmmm up 1 whole pound????

    A bit confused this morning....up a pound. I'm so true to plan....... Yesterday menu:

    100 gr. rib eye
    1/2 cuke with lemon & acv

    100 gr. ground beef
    bowl of romaine with lemon/acv

    water, coffee and herb tea through out the day.

    I have been spotting on & off for two weeks now, but that would happen before hcg. Menopausal bs, I'm wondering if that is the cause. But ...
  7. vlcd#31 2# LOSS! YTD 20 pounds in 31 days & size 12 fits

    If I've calculated correctly my last day for HCG is the 38th day of the VLCD right? Cause Simeon says 40 days of HCG which include 2 load days. Would someone confirm please.

    I've been researching the heck out of carb & sugar free recipes. Can we use almond flour, coconut flour and flax meal on P3? Cause I've found an amazing sounding focaccia bread recipe and pancakes that actually look like pancakes.

    10 more days of VLCD then CREAM in a GIANT cup of COFFEE!!! ...

    Updated December 27th, 2010 at 07:01 AM by ginal5

  8. VLCD#30 a whole pound today! I swear....it's the beef & apples!

    OMG a whole pound loss this morning!

    Yesterday menu
    1/2 cuke w/ lemon & acv and greek seasoning
    100 grams of left over filet(from xmas eve)
    cinnamon apple slices

    100 grams left over filet(from xmas eve)
    Romaine with mustard dressing
    big ole crispin apple

    Food tastes so gooood!
    water, water, water and herb tea!

    PS. We went to the movies yesterday and I made it without ...
  9. vlcd#29 Made it through Christmas Eve meal with minor cheat up .5 this morning.

    Hey only .5 for a fabulous meal with minimal cheat of 2 bites sweet potato plain, 4 apples dipped in maple cream cheese and 1 oz. of baked ham and 8 oz. filet with bacon. So I consider myself very fortunate.

    Today is going quite well, kids have gone to their Dads and my husband and are lounging around considering going to the movies (I'm going to smuggle in some apple wedges with lemon & cinnamon) "True Grit" is playing.

    It's odd but extra beef doesn't ...
  10. vlcd#28 Yeah a whole pound! Hip hip for apples & beef....

    A whole pound this morning! I did increase my hcg as Margie suggested 2 days ago to 250 units 2x per day. Although yesterday I was STARVING and ate extra food.

    Lunch: a huge portion of romaine lettuce with a 150 gr. filet and an apple

    Dinner: 120 gr. ground beef, spinach and tomato soup and another huge romaine lettuce portion with mustard dressing for dinner. I was just so starving! Then later I ate the 2 small apples (cuz they were so small even tho Dr. S says ...
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