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1st Time HCG for me!

VLCD Day 4 Love week 1 there goes another pound! Cream of Asparagus Soup Recipe

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Another pound this morning. I love waking to a weightloss every morning. Better enjoy it now cause I know it's going to slow down. Isn't this plan great?? I'm only 20 pounds away from goal. Sounds so doable now. HCG has changed my life and how I look at food.

I've really cultivated my other interests like quilting, gardening, and knitting/crocheting to keep my mind off food. Now I'm totally obsessed with all three! LOL I woke up 3 times last night thinking about red work quilting, another time it was planning my herb garden, and then I was planning what project to start with my new knitting needles my daughter got me for Mother's Day. Crazy right??? Love it. HCG euphoria must be kicking in....I feel MARVELOUS.

Last night for dinner I made cream of asparagus n chicken soup. My asparagus is producing full steam so it was a no brainer dinner had to include asparagus. I posted pic and recipe in my group P2 Recipes with Pics but heres the recipe.

P2 Cream of Asparagus -N- Chicken Soup

2 cups HCG chicken broth
handful of fresh asparagus, peeled and chopped into 1" pieces
Crushed grissini/melba
1 .T roasted garlic or fresh *roasted is the BOMB
100 gram of poached chicken diced (from making your broth)
Fresh cracked peppercorns & sea salt to taste

Toss everything but chicken & grissini into a covered pot and bring to a boil and reduce to medium cook till asparagus is tender.

With a slotted spoon take a spoon of asparagus out and set aside then puree the remaining asparagus and broth with a submersible stick blender or in your blender.

Add the chicken and cook over medium heat long enough to heat the chicken cubes.

mmmmmm and if you use a small enough bowl you'll have enough for seconds!

*Roasted garlic
1 bulb of fresh garlic with just the other layer of skin removed, leave cloves in tact. Add 2-3 T. HCG broth and bake 425 oven for 30 minutes.

Let cool and then squeeze each clove into a small custard size dish and mash....store in fridge for up to a week and use as a dip, dressing or seasoning in soups or stir fry.


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  1. happydj's Avatar
    THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE! Looks awesome! We love, love, love asparagus and I was looking for some new P2 recipes.
    Your energy for protocol is contageous and the new hobbies are inspiring.
    I thought the euphoria was a myth in R1...but found out differently about half way through. I also need to mention that although I never thought of having a couple minor neurosis i.e. picking at my nails and cuticles, figiting, when I am on hcg, those all diminish...substantially. Not sure why, but thinking it's the euphoria.
    You are off and running VLCD4, enjoy the process, the changes on the scale ea morning are SO fun.
    R2VLCD23 -35lbs
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    Thanks dj...am I ready your sign off right?? You've lost 35 pounds in 23 days??? or is that total?

    Come to think about some of my "neurosis" diminish too....definitely on the fidgeting and scattered thinking. HCG is a hormone and my doc says hormones affect our ability to handle stress. I feel much calmer on HCG.

    Thanks for checking out recipe....I love to cook.
  3. happydj's Avatar
    Oh boy, I wish it was all in one round. This is my 2nd round (last round was 40 days) and I am VLCD23 in Round 2. The R2 that my sign-off begins with stands for Round 2.

    I AM calmer while on HCG. That is interesting. I talk a little softer and although I normally don't 'stress' I feel more at ease. Wondering how I stay this calm withOUT the hcg?

    Have a great day!
  4. ginal5's Avatar
    Phew....cause I was starting to think I was a slacker! My 1st round I lost 21.5 pounds in 40 days. Just can't stand the thought of another long round so I'm doing a 23 day for R2. Am curious to see how much I'll loose this time. R1 I had a 10 day stall, but I had definitely fibroid/TOM issues and still managed to loose over 20.

    Crossing my fingers looking for at least 15. Are you doing another 40 day round? Yikes my psyche can't take it....to many fresh vegetables and fruits this time of the year to miss.

  5. happydj's Avatar
    There are folks on this forum that are pulling some serious numbers, I am just not one of them. My body can only do so much.

    Yup, I will be doing another 40 day round, or until I stop losing. I too suffered a 10 day stall last round...frustrating.

    May we BOTH keep losing.