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GiGy 2015 R1P3D14

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LIW 269.4
CW 270.0
+0.6 - inside the P3 window

Slept in late yesterday, so of course my scale was down significantly, but I didn't record it because it's just dehydration. I have found that my most accurate weights are if I do my WI at approximately the same time every morning, if possible. Today I am only 0.6 above my LIW, and I'm perfectly happy to be here! Hubby is also within his window. He shared with me this morning that at one point he was 3.6 above his LIW at one point, but managed to bring it back down without a steak day. Very proud of him. It seems like this time he is doing much better managing this whole process on his own. In the past, I kind of had to babysit him through it.

Anyway, right on track, which makes me a happy camper! Right back into loading next weekend for another round of P2!

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