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GiGy 2015 R1P3D17

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LIW 269.4
CW 269.2
-0.2 - inside P3 Weight Window

Did a sympathetic steak day yesterday. DH got up and was like 6 pounds up, which is 4 pounds outside his window. He isn't sure how or why, but I am sure it was due to eating lunch out with the guys a couple days this week, and not getting on the scale for a few days. In other words, carb creep. It happens.

So we did a steak day, his first ever. He only lost a pound or so, which was disappointing for him. It's just not feasible for him to do steak days while he is working. He does factory work that is very physically draining, and there is no way he can go all day without eating. So his plan is to eat clean for the rest of the week and just accept where he ends up.

AFM, well I got under my LIW, so I'm a happy camper. I am very ready to get busy losing again, though! Can't wait to start P2!

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