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Assist A Lifesaver While on the hCG Diet

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We’ve had a tremendous response from the HCG community regarding our product Assist. Let me describe this in detail, so you might understand this better.

It is really difficult to get the proper nutrients when on a normal diet, let alone on the HCG diet. Obviously when we drop our calorie intact to 500 a day, we get less nutrients from the foods we are eating. So one of the areas where Assist and supports HCG is in making sure the proper nutrients that our bodies need to function every single day on a regular basis are there and available.

Now while Vitamins and Minerals are important especially on the HCG diet, it has been found much more effective when the body has a sufficient amount of Zinc to help the HCG process. What we’ve found through numerous studies, is that Zinc itself speeds up and makes the HCG fat burning process far more efficient, and the fact that Zinc is in the Assist product, it really becomes a no brainer companion to the HCG product.
Another thing that is really important to understand with Assist, is every one of the components in the Assist formula are designed especially around the production of healthy serotonin levels. Now having said that, one of the derivatives of having healthy serotonin levels is that you have the ability to overcome traditional emotional eating. It help to curb the cravings for junk foods, sugar cravings, and eating carbohydrates. It also helps assist in overcoming low levels of energy. There needs to be some additional nutrients in the body to help overcome that because when your calorie intake is as low as it is and your not accustomed to that. The tendency is after a week or so to start feeling those low levels of energy. We want you to be aware that with the Assist product, that balancing of the B12 in the body and assisting the body to create those natural energy reservoirs are then more readily available.

Assist assists your mind and body in several areas.
1. A deeper more restful sleep
2. Reduces daily stress and anxiety
3. Promotes healthy fat loss
4. Reduces food cravings
5. Naturally assists in mood balancing
6. Supports overall mind and body health
I urge you to take a close look at this and consider how important this is to leading a happier and healthier life.

You are part of the Obesity Solution!

The HCG program has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It has helped thousands of people lose weight fast! Now with the vibrational (not homeopathic) HCG diet drops people can do HCG from their own homes, and without having to get injections. One weakness that HCG has is that essential vitamins and minerals are difficult to get on only 500 calories a day. Assist can help!

Assist was formulated with the goal of fat loss in mind. We know that food is not the enemy. The enemy is eating too much food. And why do people eat too much food? Is it because they are hungry? No, our bodies wouldn’t let us gorge ourselves to death. But our brains are getting mixed signals. So in essence the key is the brain.

Scientists don’t know everything that is going on with HCG, but they do know that it targets the brain. HCG targets the brain because its goal is to reset the Hypothalamus, which is in the brain. After 21 days of the HCG, if everything is followed correctly, the switch in the Hypothalamus is reset.

A major concern while doing HCG is nutritional support. Assist are a perfect fit for people on HCG that need extra dietary support. Let me share with you just some of the nutrients you will find in our products.

B Vitamins – are also an important way to increase energy naturally, support healthy brain function, and promote hair growth.

5-HTP – has consistently helped individuals increase their serotonin levels, which helps with mood, energy, and sleep. 5-HTP is often recommended by doctors to their patients who are on the HCG diet because it helps reduce cravings naturally. 5-HTP helps to balance hormone levels in both men and women.

L-Carnitine – is used often as an HCG support product. L-Carnitine increases the use of fat as an energy source. “Its primary role is to help transport fatty acids into the energy producing units in the cells” READ ARTICLE HERE.

Magnesium- helps strengthen muscle, nerve and bone tissues. It can also help reduce constipation which HCG dieters often experience.

Zinc – has been shown in laboratory studies to increase the body’s absorption of HCG. READ ARTICLE HERE. Hair Loss is a possible side effect from HCG. Zinc helps to reduce hair loss because it strengthens and aids the natural oils that coat the hair.

Zinc helps the body absorb HCG more readily.

The body has no storage system for Zinc. So during the HCG program, it is important to get good Zinc intake to increase the HCG absorption. Assist delivers Zinc with our patented “BioSend” technology that makes the Zinc more readily absorbable in the body at the cellular level. This helps it to be transported through the body where the Zinc can be used. Now that you have proper Zinc levels, HCG will be more absorbable by your body.

Zinc also plays an important role in brain chemistry. Zinc is one of the important components that make 5-HTP more absorbable by the brain. 5-HTP is the last step in a series of steps to convert proteins into Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter used by the brain to assist with proper brain function.

While you are on HCG, or any diet for that matter, it is important that your brain works properly. Most people eat too much because their brain is deceiving them. Obesity is largely a brain problem. People don’t get obese because their body is starving. Your body is saying “I don’t care if I need that food, I want it. GIVE ME FOOD!”

Most people eat too much because their brain is deceiving them.

One example is right before you go to bed. Your body needs Melatonin to sleep. Your body converts Serotonin to Melatonin. If your body doesn’t have enough Serotonin, then you will crave junk food carbohydrates to spike your Serotonin levels, so that your body will have enough Melatonin to sleep.

If in our example, the body had enough Serotonin, then that person wouldn’t have had to binge themselves on junk food right before they went to sleep. You just filled your body with garbage because you didn’t have enough Serotonin. This is just one example which brain chemistry has on obesity.

If you can get your brain chemistry right, then your obesity struggle will be much easier. If you have proper Serotonin levels, you will find yourself looking down at that bag of M&M’s and say to yourself “I don’t want to eat that”. Now you are no longer addicted and your brain is no longer deceiving you.

While on HCG, most people report that they have reduced cravings and sufficient energy during the first 10 days, but after that sticking to the 500 calories becomes a challenge. At that point they have to turn to “Will Power” to get through the rest of the diet.

It is not all about will power!

If you have the proper nutrients, you don’t have to go on these Serotonin binges that always end with a crash. You will eat less junk, and you will be able to maintain that rapid weight loss after your HCG program.

So that is the story! It’s that simple.

Where does it fit into your business? You now have a solution. People come to you because you have an HCG solution. How about the solution for maintenance both during and after the HCG diet is over? How about minerals while they are on it? How about Bio-Available Nutrients that are specifically designed with brain chemistry in mind to help you through your junk food cravings?

To top it off Assist has a great price point. If you buy in bulk, you get bulk discounts. You can mark up the product and make similar profits that you are currently making with HCG. They go hand in hand. Yes you can take it while you are on HCG. And you can take it while you are off HCG. It is going to be a benefit to your customers and to your business, and a benefit to your bottom line.

Thank-you for your time, we look forward to working with you in the future

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