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Reflections from a Newbie

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After just 15 days on hCG, I've lost 13.8lbs: 3" from waist, 1" neck, 2.5" chest, and 2.25" off hips. In. Just. Two. Weeks.

And yes, I thought, "This will never work for me." Why? Because I don't have a thyroid. (Lost it to cancer 2 years ago, then lost gall bladder this summer. Running out of organs here people.) And I'm diabetic. After the gall bladder surgery in August, I started researching the impact of diet on our overall health and ran across the book "Wheat Belly" and realized all of my health issues (there are more, but I'll spare you) could be attributed to gluten. So I started researching elimination diets, which brought me to hCG.

Like you, I've tried everything. Diets that used to work for me (Atkins, exercise) no longer budged the scale. Once a healthy 125lbs, I exploded up to 177 (day of GB removal). That was the wake up call. I managed to lose a couple of pounds before committing to hCG.

The morning of VLCD Day 3, I awoke and immediately knew something was different. I felt smaller. I ran to the mirror and couldn't believe my eyes. I shrunk. Seriously. And the scale backed me up. I can only assume (and you vets can set me straight) that the removal of not only carbs, but specifically gluten, had eliminated significant inflammation. But this came at a price. I had 2-3 days where I could not function. All I could do was surf this forum... No kidding. I had no energy, could not think, could not drive, could barely speak. I was very worried that the 500-calorie restriction was too low for me... but patience paid off. I talked to several folks with gluten issues and they confirmed that a gluten detox would definitely cause this reaction. Soon, I was enjoying the energy burst I'd heard about. (In fact, it was noticeable to others...)

My advice to other newbies? Follow protocol. Exactly. It works as written. The smallest tweak or substitution can be the difference between success and failure. Yes, you can live without Diet Coke (I was a serious addict.) Yes, you can live without cream in your coffee.

Personally, I cannot eat the breadsticks or melba toast (gluten and carb sensitive). I can only eat one fruit a day. I don't lose when I eat beef. The best daily menu for me is an apple midmorning, chicken for lunch, and boiled shrimp for dinner. (Lettuce and cucumbers are my best veggies for maximum weight loss.) Artificial sweeteners -- especially Stevia -- make me stall. Perhaps that's why I can't do the Walden Farms dressings. Nor can I lose eating tomatoes. I've had a tablespoon of cocoa crack on Halloween and then again last Thursday when I had to bake cookies for a school fundraiser. It saved me from serious temptation. Never a fan of water, I'm now drinking 64-80oz a day, in addition to lots of green tea... A cup of hot tea at night gets me through TV time. Popcorn has always been my favorite food -- yet I've survived going to the movies without it. It seemed like just smelling it was enough.

This forum is amazing. Thanks to all the moderators and administrators and all who post. For every poster, there are hundreds of lurkers who hang on your every word. And special thanks to all who post photos. Seeing is believing. So many of us pour over your pictures and visualize our own success.

For the first time in years, I feel I'm in control of my body and my health. Before the cancer diagnosis, I was gaining weight rapidly (30 pounds in 2 months). The more I'd gain, the more I'd exercise and restrict calories. I kept asking my doctor why I was gaining weight on 800 calories a day. She came back with the standard response of eat less/exercise more and keep a food diary because there had to be thousands of calories I was somehow missing since, in her medical opinion, it was impossible to gain weight on 800 calories. Don't you wish you had a dollar for every time someone condescendingly told you "just eat less and exercise more?" Really? Ya think?

For all those with thyroid issues, yes this diet works despite a thyroid condition. Yes it works even if you're taking Synthroid and/or Cytomel. (I take 225mcg Synthroid and 25mcg Cytomel.) In terms of supplements, I take potassium, magnesium, B complex, vitamin C, and B12 injections.

Last night I ventured to the back of my closet... My 14s and 12s are too big... 10s a little snug but wearable. So I pulled out the 8s and hung them within view. (The 6s and 4s will need to wait for the next round.)

Again, thanks to all for your support.

Preload -- 173, Post load -- 174.8
R1P2 Week 1 -- (-8.6)
R1P2 Week 2 -- (-4.0)
VLCD 15 -- (-0.4)
VLCD 16 -- (-0.8)

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hi Glinda, I am so very happy for you. Way to go! You are proof that we have to be advocates for our own health. Finding the answers with your issues was not easy. I am taking synthroid and know this will work for me too, judging by my initial results. I am on vlcd2.
    Have a great day!
  2. Abinco's Avatar
    Glinda, love your post! You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing and wishing you the best of luck! You are doing phenominal!! Good for you! Nothing feels as good as skinny!
  3. MickiG's Avatar
    What a wonderful post to read!! I am so glad that this diet is working for you. Sounds like you are quite an amazing woman
    To your continued success and good health, cheers!!! (With sparkling water of course)
  4. Glinda's Avatar
    Thank you! The support here is awesome! I'm now down almost 17lbs and feeling great! This new energy is unbelievable! I've cleaned out my garage, attic, every closet, and every drawer... Just this week! Today, I had to reset the memory seat function in my car... Had to scoot the seat forward. Who knew that would make my day?

    I have to go on a business trip all next week. I'm cooking all my food ahead of time and taking a cooler on the plane. My hotel room has a fridge and microwave. I'll just eat my protein in my room, then at group dinners, I'll just have a plain salad (as in just lettuce).

    We can do this!
  5. MickiG's Avatar
    Hi Glinda,
    Just checking in on you! How are you doing? I hope you are feeling great!
    Take Care,
  6. MickiG's Avatar
    Where are you Glinda?? Hope you are doing wonderfully well!
  7. Glinda's Avatar
    Hi Micki! Great photo!

    Thanks for checking on me. I was in Orlando all week. That was the real test. It took me a while to figure out what to say when ordering food to ensure I stayed on protocol. When I ordered room service (grilled chicken and lettuce) even though I requested no oil or butter, I'm thinking they used some anyway. (I took my scale with me and didn't lose well at first.) However, when I actually went into restaurants and spoke with the chef, they were so accommodating! I ended up losing 3.6lbs, so I guess I did okay. The cool thing was all my work colleagues noticed my 20-pound loss. Tons of compliments. Very nice.

    Today was Day 1 of P3. I was too afraid to try anything new in terms of food -- wanted to ensure all the hCG was out of my system (even though I did 48 hours of VLCD after last drops) -- so I just ate larger portions of P2 food. I ended up at around 900 calories for the day and am stuffed. So afraid I'll wake up tomorrow and have regained all 20 pounds. Do you think that's normal?

    I'm going to do 3 weeks of P3, then 3 weeks of P4. That will get me through business trips in January to Bangkok and Vegas. So, the middle of January, I can start Round 2. I still have 30lbs to lose.

    Thanksgiving is not stressing me fortunately. My sons eat with their dad. I have no other family around so I don't have to face all the temptations. Every year my sons come back Thanksgiving evening and eat with me while we watch Christmas Vacation. Our tradition is to grill filet mignon and lobster tails... I always bake them a chocolate cake, which doesn't tempt me... not a cake eater. (Now popcorn would be a different threat altogether...)

    How are you? Are you still in P2? Will Thanksgiving be a challenge for you? Catch me up -- I wasn't able to keep up with the boards, so I don't know what's going on in the hCG world.

    Hope all is well!