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  1. Go figure...

    Day 13

    I've had a couple really wacked out days, shot early eat late, shot late went almost all day without eating, then came home really late. I had one day where I was peeing like every 20 minutes, I thought I was setting up for a huge loss and then... nothing, I lost zero pounds!!... my only joy was to realize it wasn't a gain... beautiful!!!

    Then yesterday was all messed up.. not enough water. didn't eat I thought surely I would retain ...
  2. Stall So Soon

    Day 10


    Things have been a little wired around here so I haven't had a chance to blog in a while..
    I feel I have had decent releases since the get go, but here we are on day 10 and I weight the exact same to the ounce as yesterday. Can't really complain though, It would have taken at least a month or more for me to get to this point.

    Took some magnesium liquid junk and had slight movement.. I still believe I have loading days in there ...

    Updated January 18th, 2013 at 07:26 AM by go2gsus

  3. HCG doesn't work? oh and surgery and meds and equipment and programs did?

    Day 08
    Total weightloss of 12.? lbs in 8 days without lifting a finger or even looking at a treadmill.

    Headaches are gone, energy is not bad, sill no BM. ( in 8 days!!!!) Help me!
    tried licorice root tea, Magnesium powder, apple, hmm what next?
    I was hungry today with lots of cravings and quite irritable.. well more than usual anyway
    not sure what gives.. drop to cold.. not enough?

    Inspite of all that I am addicted to HCG info and ...
  4. Excitingly Painful

    Day 05

    Released another 2.? pounds with a total loss of 10 lbs in 5 days. (including load). ( no BM starting) I would have to kill myself in the gym, have protein out the wazzu, and beg for mercy to lose that kind of weight...in a week or two!!! This is just too awesome. I am so surprised I never started HCG sooner. ( probably I had never heard of it..duh)

    Though I am still experiencing the never ending headache, it is a 4 on the pain scaled instead of a 9 AMEN!!! ...
  5. Still Hurting

    Day 05

    Headache all day yesterday, a few pockets of relief after I took some advil.. but wow, the head ache is awful.
    I had very little carbs on my loading days except for some Vanilla ice cream, but really mostly proteins and fats, I must be loaded with toxins from the last few months of binge eating.

    Any way I lost another 3 lbs yesterday but have not had a BM yet ( yesterday or today) so we'll see how tomorrow goes

    I still have a headache ...
  6. Deeeee-tox

    Day 04

    Yesterday was not so bad.. I was only hungry a few times, and not ravenous so that was pretty cool. My 2 liters + of water was a breeze, and the meals were satisfying, who'd guess?

    I lost 5 lbs the first day 249.6 Beee-u-ti-ful

    Until about 4:00 this morning when I woke up with the worst headache. Headache, chapped lips, heavy headed... DETOX!
    On one hand I hate this feeling, on the other hand I can believe the weight-loss and detox ...
  7. R1 p2 vlcd 1

    Day 03
    255.8 lbs

    l the fun part is over though I never did get full or sick of eating like some people I have read about. This makes me a little nervous, but mind over matter right.. I will not get mentally defeated.
    Skipping breakfast with coffee is no big deal, I'll see how VLCD 1 goes.
    This blog is more of a journal for me, if anyone reads this and desires to respond, then great if not, just consider this an open diary of a man on the ...
  8. Loading......

    Day 01

    Going to start loading today, got all my favourite high fat low carb, low sugar foods ready. Made dinner and lunch arrangments with friends that I won't be able to chow with for a while and Rx HCG is ready to mix.

    I guess I am officially R1 P2 D1 meet my cousin R2D2

    I tipped in this morning at 252.6 lbs

    I guess I'll update measurement and stuff after my loading days.