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Excitingly Painful

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Day 05

Released another 2.? pounds with a total loss of 10 lbs in 5 days. (including load). ( no BM starting) I would have to kill myself in the gym, have protein out the wazzu, and beg for mercy to lose that kind of weight...in a week or two!!! This is just too awesome. I am so surprised I never started HCG sooner. ( probably I had never heard of it..duh)

Though I am still experiencing the never ending headache, it is a 4 on the pain scaled instead of a 9 AMEN!!! Well you know what they say garbage in, garbage out!! I sure put a lot of garbage in during my big crash the last part of the year.

So even though things seem to be going well, and I am happy with the releases that I am getting, I am considering changing to injections. I only mixed 15 days of SL, so I have plenty HCG left for a few rounds of injections. (I have 5 vials of 5000)

My wife is a little nervous about me doing injections, (though it doesn't take much for her usually).. but I think I could stretch out my rounds and have better hunger control with the Subq. We'll see.

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  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    You're just knockin' it out of the PARK! So happy for you! And I'm glad to see that the headache is more mild than in past days. By tomorrow, gone? Here's to the power of positive thinking!

    1st day of no BM for me too! lol...how about that!

    It's so funny how you mentioned possibly switching to SQ injections (I am assuming you're doing sublingual drops right now). I just posted this morning how I almost did sublingual instead but opted for SQ because of convenience. It still geeks me out a bit, but I'm doing okay. I, like your wife, was nervous and had reservations. But my husband was a first responder and had advanced first responder training through SAR (Sea Air Rescue) while in the military so I feel comforted by the fact that he is there for me if I need anything. (Although, it's really not as complicated as I initially thought). However, this, coming from a man who has had to insert an I.V. into himself, and had to draw his own blood, had to give himself his own stitches (still does this, btw... "why give money to the dr. when I can do it myself?!" ...his miltary medical kit is always stocked in case of emergency...). Oh, my stomach is getting queasy just typing this! lol.. He's not a weirdo, I promise. Just comes from a very intense military background and training. It comes in handy when one of us gets an owwie; he's calm and sensible and knows exactly what to do (unlike me, who is on the verge of panic and passout).

    In anycase, good luck with whatever decision you make, and I'm glad you're feeling better today!
  2. Toonsmom's Avatar
    Good for you!

    Just wanted to let you know that I was uneasy about doing SQ injections too. The instructions looked complicated (use the ones on the forum, BTW...the thread is either in the Newcomer Information or General Information section). Well, although there are several steps it is definitely not hard!

    I also worried about injecting myself. I shouldn't have...it was and is SO very easy and painless.

    Good luck!
  3. go2gsus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Toonsmom
    Good for you!
    I also worried about injecting myself. I shouldn't have...it was and is SO very easy and painless.

    Good luck!
    Thanks Toons. I placed an order for 6x5000 amps of Corion from reliable, I wanted to get the 2000 but some how they were going to come out to way more for the same amount of HCG.
    I ordered my kit from Missouri Medical.. there were some issues with that, but that's another story!

    Thanks for the reply