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Go figure...

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Day 13

I've had a couple really wacked out days, shot early eat late, shot late went almost all day without eating, then came home really late. I had one day where I was peeing like every 20 minutes, I thought I was setting up for a huge loss and then... nothing, I lost zero pounds!!... my only joy was to realize it wasn't a gain... beautiful!!!

Then yesterday was all messed up.. not enough water. didn't eat I thought surely I would retain water and have little loss and possibly again... ended up -1.6lb.. I do not understand, but I'll take it.

I need to find a day or two to stay around the house and do a MEGA MAGNISUM DAY, I still have had only one small bm in 15 days!!

I've tried Magnesium pills, magnesium liquid, CAlm tea... lemon tea, ACV hot water, probiotics after meals, I don't feel bad, its just kind of disturbing knowing what is in there...

I have to meet a friend that came in from Papua New Guinea.. so keepin' it short.

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  1. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    I hear ya loud and clear...Smooth move tea...does the trick for me every time!!
  2. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Hey G2! Sounds like you've had a crazy couple days! But you know what? That's normal life, I say! So, your body is just trying to figure out your schedule...I'm almost positive.

    1.6lbs is awesome!! Congrats!

    Now the whole BM thing is a little different. I don't want to say "worry", but if it's been that long (2 weeks?) you might want to call the doc. Did you try the colon cleanse? Usually, I take one of those and there is no WAY my body isn't going to sitting it's bum on the porcelain seat. If you did and THAT didn't even work, I would maybe call the doctor. I'm not an expert though, so not trying to scare you or anything. If you can cure that problem (even if some sort of medication or aid might stop progress for a day or two) the progress there after might be a lot better.

    Good luck and have fun with your friend!
  3. sonderah's Avatar
    Is constipation normal for u? Everyone's "normal" is so different. Hope you get it figured out! It's really hard to lose weight when ur full of it!! Hang in there!!!