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Still Hurting

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Day 05

Headache all day yesterday, a few pockets of relief after I took some advil.. but wow, the head ache is awful.
I had very little carbs on my loading days except for some Vanilla ice cream, but really mostly proteins and fats, I must be loaded with toxins from the last few months of binge eating.

Any way I lost another 3 lbs yesterday but have not had a BM yet ( yesterday or today) so we'll see how tomorrow goes

I still have a headache and hate taking the pharmaceuticals, but seing as I can't have molasses and bannas right now , which usually helps when I have a headache, I may have to take the advil again

The aches and pains are nothing in light of the fact that I lost 8 lbs in two days!!!, that 3 weeks in the Gym for me usually.. Glory!!!

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  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great release! WOOHOO!!!!! I think I just missed you this morning. I'm so sorry to hear that your headaches haven't subsided yet, but I am confident they will. I'm not sure if I asked you this before; are you a coffee drinker? I am. I'm wondering what would happen if I quit drinking my 2-3 cups of coffee in the am? *shudder* I am noticeably achy this afternoon and as the day goes on, but I also played a couple games on the Wii Fit...oops. I couldn't resist...I'm such a "kid".

    Well, I hope you start feeling better soon! And thanks so much for the post on my blog this morning! (I figured I would just respond here ..haha) I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! Venison IS really much healthier, I just hope the HCG agrees! Even if I stall a few days while it processes/digests, as long as it comes off in the long run, I will be totally happy with that.

    Thanks for "getting" me; the support is truly appreciated and encouraging!

    Feel better soon and I hope to see you are headache free tomorrow!