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  1. Ending HCG for a couple of days..

    I've decided to stop taking my drops and just start up again on saturday. Re-do loading and everything. It takes 72 hours for it to leave your system and the last time I took my drops was yesterday around noon.
    I've been messing up so much this round (R2) its ridiculous. I've been really depressed and just feeling sorry for myself and I HATE when I get in these moods and I try so hard to snap myself out of it but sometimes I just don't have the energy to deal with it and I give in... and ...
  2. Lonely.

    Saturday I'll be starting my loading days.. I'm ready to do this all over again! I'm just frustrated with how difficult it is to do this alone but I binged on all that food that made me this fat all alone so I guess I have to reverse the cycle alone.

    The hardest thing about this whole thing is not giving into emotional eating habits and having to face the truth and find yourself.