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Ending HCG for a couple of days..

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I've decided to stop taking my drops and just start up again on saturday. Re-do loading and everything. It takes 72 hours for it to leave your system and the last time I took my drops was yesterday around noon.
I've been messing up so much this round (R2) its ridiculous. I've been really depressed and just feeling sorry for myself and I HATE when I get in these moods and I try so hard to snap myself out of it but sometimes I just don't have the energy to deal with it and I give in... and I binge. I've been so off protocol that I just decided screw it... I'm wasting time and money I'm gonna re-start this weekend that way its not too far away for me to just keep putting it off. I've got a couple of days to just pity myself and then get the hell over it when Monday comes cause I'm back on VLCD!
I'm on my period which probably has A LOT to do with it. UGH, the joys of having a uterus. Shoot me.

I just haven't been 100% this round and its breaking my heart cause I know how powerful this "diet" is when you actually follow the protocol and succeed. I gotta get my head back in the game! I gotta start using this forum more for support cause the loneliness plays a big role in all of this. I'm still working on it.... its not over, its just a little speed bump.

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    I feel you, i went into a week ( unplanned) interuption. I stopped the hcg on sat...but started eating bad for my sisiters bday. Mentally i needed it!! I am doing some p3 correction days this week...actually a treat after p2..then back on p2 on sunday. I actually hope it jump starts me back. I know ill lose a week or more. And I could have been down more by now, but I neeed it. Now I feel like I can go another 3-4 weeks and finish it. Good luck!
  2. goforit's Avatar
    thank you. i lasted a week back on the drops and i failed again last night but i'm not giving up. i just need to start struggling with it more and get my head out of my arse! i know how badly i want this yet theres something in me trying to fight it and i have to figure out that emotional part to all of this.. which is actually the hard part. lol thank you and good luck to you!