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Saturday I'll be starting my loading days.. I'm ready to do this all over again! I'm just frustrated with how difficult it is to do this alone but I binged on all that food that made me this fat all alone so I guess I have to reverse the cycle alone.

The hardest thing about this whole thing is not giving into emotional eating habits and having to face the truth and find yourself.

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    it does feel like we are alone in this ( especailly if you dont tell anyone about it like me) . But the good thing is this site really is helpful to jump on when you have a question or are just feeling down. I know that this doet sometimes puts me down in the dumps for the forst week and its not the lack of food, i think its the hormones. I just get sad I have to miss out on some socila stuff or just sit there while everyone else eats and drinks like "normal" but the end result is so worth it. Stick with it and just keep checking in here to know there are people in the same boat as you.Good luck
  2. goddessheatherrr's Avatar
    Be strong!!!! Stick to your word and do NOT I mean in no way do NOT go out to eat with anyone or go into the fast food joint with anyone. This is my first time on the hcg and I am very nervous about it. That is why I joined this site. I think its hard to navigate around here on forums so I do a blog a day and people will reach out to you just like you have done! Feb 2011 I went to a weight loss doctor and was put on pills. My diet was 1200 calories and it was the hardest thing ever. My husband, daughter and I went out to Chilis and I cried. It was so hard to sit there and watch them get to eat everything I used to love to eat. The hardest part was my husband didnt understand why I was overreacting and didnt just eat something there. Thats when I realized I was completely alone on dieting and it made me much stronger. I started doing zumba and loved it so much. After that power walking on the wooded trails started to be my thing. Then my mind was in focus on my main goal, to lose weight. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can friend me. I am also new here too.
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    See guys... None of us are alone here. Just reach out like you are and you will be successful if you really want to be.

    There are so many wonderful, knowledgeable & selfless people on this site...it will amaze you!
  4. goforit's Avatar
    i didn't even realize people left comments til just now! i'm not very good at figuring out forums yet.

    thank you all so much. that made me feel 10x better! i have been trying to reach out more to others on here and that in itself has helped me with my own "loneliness". its just so hard outside of the internet world, where none of my friends or family have ever had to deal with being overweight or had an eating disorder. they don't understand how deep it runs and how badly i want this and nothing is going to stop me this time. i stay home A LOT because i'm scared of food, alcohol and just am realizes who my true friends are and.. thats why i'm alone most of the time now.