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I love hCG!

10 Easy Steps to Mixing hCG [including Hucog -- liquid hCG]

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Please note: these instructions are primarily centered around mixing liquid hCG. But...if you have dry (powdered) hCG, you can still use these directions. The adjustment you would have to make only applies if you are using dry hCG; where the amount of liquid is added. So, if you do NOT have 'liquid hCG' and still want to use these directions, then do this: ADD 1 mL more of bacteriostatic water to your vial -- but only add that extra 1 mL if you are using dry hCG.

The liquid hCG (Hucog and any other brand) comes with liquid in it -- 1 mL -- which is why you use less bacteriostatic water in these instructions, opposed to all the usual other instructions out there (which are for powdered hCG and not liquid).

So contrary to most posts out there, which are centered around instructing you to mix dry hCG....these instructions are centered around helping you mix liquid hCG.


1.) Gather all your supplies: scotch tape (either double-sided or one-sided), a roll of aluminum foil, a box of large alcohol pads, a 20 gauge 1.5" needle with an attached 12 mL mixing syringe, a 10 mL capacity...pre-sterilized non-pyrogenic mixing vial (clear or amber is fine...amber is preferred), a 28 gauge 0.5" needle with an attached diabetic U-100 syringe, one vial of Hucog 2,000 IU liquid hCG, and one 30 mL vial of bacteriostatic water.

2.) Wrap your new vial in aluminum foil. Double-sided tape works best, so if you can find it, it will make your life easier. If not, then use normal household clear tape (scotch tape). Make sure there is no way any light can ever get through the vial; be sure to wrap the bottom as well as the sides, leaving the top as the only surface to not have any aluminum foil upon it.

3.) Remove and sanitize. Start with removing the plastic vial top covers; throw them away. Then, proceed to sanitize the rubber surfaces that you will be using for injections (of both the vial of Hucog and the vial of bacteriostatic water). Do this with a separate, brand new alcohol pad for each vial top.

4.) Draw up your bacteriostatic water. This means you will need to draw up 9 mL bacteriostatic water into your large mixing needle with its attached syringe. (**NOTE: IF you are using dry hCG, draw up 10 mL instead)

5.) First deposit. That means you'll need to deposit 8 mL of that bacteriostatic water you just drew up.....into your 10 mL capacity mixing vial. Leave the remaining 1 mL in that same vial. (**NOTE: IF you are using dry hCG, deposit 9 mL into the mixing vial instead)

6.) Second deposit. Now deposit that remaining 1 mL of bacteriostatic water into your Hucog (liquid hCG) vial. This vial now contains 1 mL liquid Hucog plus the 1 mL of bacteriostatic water you just deposited in it....so there is now 2 mL total liquid in the hCG (Hucog) vial. (**This applies to all brands; if 'dry' is used, there will be a total of 1 mL, not 2 mL in there now)

7.) Final deposit. Now draw up ALL of the liquid that is now in the hCG vial (the Hucog) -- which again, it now counts as 2 mL. Then, deposit it all into your 10 mL capacity mixing vial. (**There will only be 1 mL of liquid in there if you are using these instructions with dry hCG)

8.) Get it all. Make sure all hCG/Hucog is taken out of that vial; if you have to, play the "back-and-forth" game as I like to call it....in other words, keep moving the liquid you just drew up out of there back into it (GENTLY!) via the syringe you're currently using to draw it all up out of there....until you are able to basically "suck the life out of it" and get every single little drop....get as much as you can without needlessly over-drawing and 'bruising' the hCG....treating it 'roughly'....and do it as long as you can without driving yourself insane.

9.) Make sure it's mixed properly. After drawing it all up from the liquid hCG vial (above step) and depositing it all into the 10 mL capacity mixing vial that you wrapped in foil earlier....you now have mixed hCG; if you haven't spend an inordinate amount of time swooshing it back and forth to get it all out of the hCG/Hucog vial, make sure you GENTLY swirl, in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion in the now-filled 10 mL mixing vial, to make sure it is all evenly mixed. Do not do this for long, though, as it is unnecessary to prolong this step; I like to do it for about 10-20 seconds at the most on average, because I usually have already spent a sizable amount of time transferring it back-and-forth between the mixing syringe and the hCG/Hucog vial when I was trying to get it all out of the Hucog vial in the previous step.

10.) Calculate your dose. Your dose is now based on 2,000 IUs of hCG divided by 10 mL liquid.

Here's how it all breaks down, for reference:
- 8 mL bacteriostatic water you put into your mixing vial (**It is 9 mL in there for dry hCG)
- 1 mL bacteriostatic water you put into your hCG/Hucog vial
- 1 mL liquid that the Hucog came in (**This will not apply to folks using these directions with dry hCG -- that 1 mL exists, now, within the quantity of bacteriostatic water that you put into the mixing vial in step 5)
= 10 mL liquid...total volume.

So, after all that...you will want to figure out where on your diabetic U-100 needle to inject from, right?

Here's how you do that.

A.) Formula calculations are as follows:
2,000 (IUs) ÷ by 10 (mL).......which amounts to the number '200'

That number '200' is the amount of hCG per mL -- remember, you now have a 10 mL vial full of 10 mL liquid which contains 2,000 IUs of hCG.

NOW...take WHATEVER your desired dose is and divide it by that number above (200).

That means, if you want to do 125 IUs per injection -- as what is typical with intramuscular injections -- then you would divide 125 by 200.

That works out as....this:
125 ÷ by 200 = .625 (62.5 on your diabetic U-100 syringe)

REMEMBER......IGNORE the "." part -- carry over the "." by two places to figure out your dose "notch" on your U-100 diabetic needle with syringe. A ".625" calculated result now becomes "62.5" on your syringe.

BUT.......since syringes only go in increments of "2"....that ".5" part is not going to work.

How do we solve that problem, then...?

B.) About those U-100 diabetic syringe needles:
SINCE the U-100 diabetic needle with syringe only goes in increments of 2 (60, 62, 64, 68, 70)..............62.5 would be UTTER madness to try to dose at! Instead, you will have to dose at either 62 or 64 on your syringe.

Which to choose, then....? The '62' or the '64' notch on your diabetic U-100 syringe....?

Well, I suppose you have to figure out first what the difference is between '62' and '64'...

Well, thankfully, it's not a huge difference -- it's ONE IU difference -- just one!

Here's what I mean.

C.) Formula adjustments:
62 on your U-100 needle is '.62' in the world of math.

SO.....that calculation winds up being ".62 x 200 = 124" -- that means the "124" you got with your calculation, then, is "124 IUs"...

OR, you could go the one notch higher, and choose the "64" notch (which is '.64' in the world of math).

That calculation winds up being ".64 x 200 = 128"...which is the equivalent to "128 IUs."

It's up to you; I personally chose to go a little higher (the '64' notch) for my intramuscular injections. Since I'm a "longtime hCG do-er"....I'd rather start off a little higher than 125 IUs anyhow, because the more rounds you do, well...the higher chance you have of gaining immunity. Not that I think I'm immune, per se...but if I'm gonna take a gamble on having any degree of immunity as someone who's done, now, 6 rounds (eek!) I'm going to bet my previous 5 rounds (this is the 6th) will impart some degree of immunity, just because. Ultimately, I wound up going even higher after that...raised it slightly when my losses seemed to stall a bit, and my histamine issues seemed to come back a bit, too, at that starting intramuscular dose of 128 IUs.

When I began to dose for this round, my rationale was this: since I'd never want to go lower than what Simeons used with intramuscular injections, which was 125 IUs...I bet on going higher.

And it has proven to be the right choice. 'Higher' was the way to go for me, even at the beginning of this (my 6th) round -- even if it was just slightly higher. By just a few little IUs.

That's it!

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