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I love hCG!

I am a believer in both the effectiveness and safety of hCG. I have only done and would only ever do hCG given by injection, in prescription strength, subcutaneously.

....hCG ROCKS!

  1. The wonders of SAMe

    One other supplement that folks may be interested in taking to prevent stress-related gains and to possibly assist in stabilization: SAMe (also sometimes called SAM-e). It occurs naturally in the body, but is depleted in times of stress. It helps with things like insomnia (which I've suffered from), depression, "brain fog," all that and more. It helps your body function well, even when under stress.

    Information on it here, part of the information on SAMe that's posted on ...

    Updated October 2nd, 2012 at 08:49 AM by GonnaLoseIt