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I love hCG!

Here is how to calculate your hCG dose for your round.

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For example's sake, I'm going to use the '2,000 IU' hCG strength.

Please note: whether you are using liquid or powdered (dry) -- hCG....that does not matter. With these mathematical formulas, we are only attempting to figure out how many IUs you will be dosing with....or, what amount of IUs you have already been dosing with.

There are actually only 3 different mathematical formulas you can use to figure out dose strength.

Here they are.

1.) This is how strong your mixed hCG is.
First, divide your hCG IU strength by the amount of water you added to it.

If you used 10 ml water added to a 2,000 IU hCG vial, to mix into a new mixing vial, then you would type out:

2,000 ÷ 10 = 200

This number, '200' is going to be what you use in your next series of calculations.

2.) For 'desired dose' calculation, you use this method.

You then divide your desired dose by that number (200). So, in my desired dose world, I want to dose at '128 IUs.' That looks like:

128 ÷ 200 = 0.64

NOTE: ignore the "0." part that precedes the "64" part. That works out to be "64" on the syringe part of the diabetic U-100 needle you're using.

And, in case anyone is wondering....all notches go in increments of "2"....so keep that in mind. So that "64" is the second little notch after the bigger "60" you can see on the diabetic needle's syringe. Simple, right?

3.) To figure out what you have been dosing at so far, use this one.

IF someone is unsure what they dosed at -- say they, for example, dosed at 74 (eek!) instead of their desired '64.' Well...how much have they been off? Here's how you tell.

First thing to know -- all the other numbers above. You have to STILL do the two other calculations to figure out how to do the next calculation.

So, building on our hypothetical example, here's how that last calculation would work out. Now, keep in mind that "in the world of math" that 74 (for our purposes here) will be used as "0.74".....here's how that calculation looks:

0.74 x 200 = 148 (IUs)

**PLEASE NOTE: these three mathematical formulas are the ONLY formula calculations you will ever need to use, surrounding dose strength.

Determining which dose your body responds best to, though, is not something anyone can ever do on a piece of paper with a calculation; that takes trial and effort, to a certain degree. And experience, of knowing what signs and so forth that person is showing. That is far more nuanced.

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