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Typical TOM

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Thought I'd share this in case it helps some with the concept of a gain and drop w/TOM. This seems to be typical for me:

LDW - 167
Stayed around 166.2 for 3 days, then
168.6 (+1.6) which is actually a jump of +2.4 from the last weight - can be freaky!
168.6 (+1.6)
169 (+2) TOM
170.2 (+3.2) TOM
169.8 (+2.8) TOM
168.2 (+1.2) TOM
169.2 (+2.2) TOM
168 (+1) TOM
168 has been my stabilization for the rest of P3, now.

I've realized that if I pay attention, I'll know what those gains are and not freak and try to do corrections - it wouldn't work and just causes more stress. I've tried to correct and the gain with TOM just happens no matter what I do. If I look at it as a way that my body is compensating for the blood loss, then I don't get as aggravated with the process. I drink plenty of water and stick to protocol - knowing that it will go back down if I keep doing the regular stuff. Before, I would have taken the gain as license to pig out on munchies. Now I know I can be in control so that the gain won't stay. If I did give up, the weight I would put on wouldn't be my body's water weight, but it would be fat that I'd have to WORK to get back off.

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