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  1. And so it begins...

    Well, today is was my first weigh in since my loading days. So, with 2 loading days and 5 VLCD days I am down 6.8 lbs. I am very happy with that. I know that I do not have as much to lose as others out there so I am just going to give myself a golf clap and save the loud clapping and whistling for you other guys.

    The week was not hard at all. I was in the gym 6 out of those 7 days. Other than the 4th day in my energy level has been great. I am going to add Tea Extract pills ...
  2. Stick a fork in me...

    I am done!

    This is my second tour of duty. My first time I had great results with HCG. It had transformed me completely. I had a positive attitude again, was much more athletic, and enjoyed my looks. I was able to maintain for a very long time. I moved over into a new lifestyle, Paleo. I found that it really complimented my new lifestyle.

    I am just finishing up renovations in the house, I have been without a kitchen for 4 months. Needless to say, any hopes of healthy ...