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And so it begins...

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Well, today is was my first weigh in since my loading days. So, with 2 loading days and 5 VLCD days I am down 6.8 lbs. I am very happy with that. I know that I do not have as much to lose as others out there so I am just going to give myself a golf clap and save the loud clapping and whistling for you other guys.

The week was not hard at all. I was in the gym 6 out of those 7 days. Other than the 4th day in my energy level has been great. I am going to add Tea Extract pills now was well. I realize that my goal weight it very achieveable at the moment. I am going to aim well past that now. I will see extactly how far I can go. Once that is done I will work towards building up lean muscle on my body. That is always the hard part. Can you say protein smoothies.

Forgot to measure my waist this morning. Funny, that`s my biggest concern. I am sure I am down something. All my remaining fat is down there. I like to joke that I have a 5 pack. Four up top and one across the bottom. Just dedication and right choices and I hope for it to shrink much more. No one can notice it when I am dressed and out. However, when in my birthday suit I notice it. Thankfully I have a forgiving girlfriend. However, it does not help that she is into body building and has like a 12 pack (after 2 kids). FML! Gives me complexes. She must really love my mind, ha! All jokes aside. I am not too hard on myself, just would like to work in the yard with my shirt off and perhaps stroll on the beach too without having issues with it.

Well guys, keep up all the hard work. I am seeing great results out there from you.

Happy Shedding

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  1. maggiep's Avatar
    lol golf clap.

    By the way 6.8 lbs is AMAZING in your first few days! Congrats for that! Good to hear that someone else is hitting the gym while on HCG, my plan as well. What kinds of workouts are you doing?
  2. Graham's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words :-)

    I am going overboard with with my exercising and probably would not recommend it for most. I ride my Stationary bike (30 minutes) every second day wearing a sweat suit (sauna suit). In between those days I am in the gym and lifting light weights at a high rep. I am also doing 30 minutes of cardio, but at a slow pace. I am really pacing myself. I have a Mud race to participate in during August and I am trying to get into the best shape I can for it.

    When I enter P3 I would like to start doing some hot yoga. Looking forward to the stretching and relaxing part of it.

    What exercises are you doing currently?