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Up 1 pound

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  1. Feisty's Avatar
    Dang. Keep on keepin on Grits. what was to eat yesterday?
  2. grits's Avatar
    1 apple, 1/2 grapefruit, asparagus, tilapia. No melba.

    I guess I'll try an apple day today. I hope it doesn't make me hungry since it's a no injection day.

    Frustrated and sad.
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    You really don't have to do an apple, unless u like them. I picked up a few days on my rounds, never did an apple day. It's probably just a water fluctuation. You could just eat on protocol and see what happens tomorrow at weigh-in. And drink plenty of green tea. That seems to help weight loss. Try not to be too sad, I understand your frustration, but it'll be ok. Sending smiles and hugs...