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I've been meaning to update - really I have!!

However, I am having daily trouble with little things - like remembering how long it's been since I've taken my drops (so I make sure to not drink/eat), etc. Very hectic the last week or so.

And another reason it is more hectic is that I FEEL BETTER!! I feel like doing things that ordinarily I would be too tired after to work to even consider. So the hectic life is not a bad thing

I am working the protocol and overall, doing pretty well. I had one cheat this past weekend due to a myriad of reasons. It set me back BUT NOT FOR LONG!!

Below is a snapshot of my results:

9/25/2010 sat load
9/26/2010 sun load 189
9/27/2010 mon VLCD1 188.4 -0.6
9/28/2010 tue VLCD2 185.6 -2.8
9/29/2010 wed VLCD3 183.8 -1.8
9/30/2010 thu VLCD4 182 -1.8
10/1/2010 fri VLCD5 180.8 -1.2
10/2/2010 sat VLCD6 181 0.2
10/3/2010 sun VLCD7 183 2
10/4/2010 mon VLCD8 180.2 -2.8
10/5/2010 tue VLCD9 178.6 -1.6

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  1. nsbrown76's Avatar
    Wow. Way to get back on track. I am interested to find out what you eat in a normal day.