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I made it through the load days - lol. I know that in just a couple of days I will be envious of that time where I was eating crullers, sausage, cole slaw, list too long to continue.... But maybe much less envious one month from now.

I actually felt okay this morning despite the load - not as lethargic mainly. But that may be due to the psychological commitment to protocol. I spent time this weekend preparing for VLCDs and I am typically unprepared for everything - especially on Monday morning.

188.4 - that is where I am for VLCD1. Will I see 17x.x by this time next week?

I tried to pay attention to things this morning, revolving around my weight, that drain me. Then I can read through these and comment on them throughout the journey.

1. Observed 09/27/2010/VLCD1: Getting ready for work and stepping over the cord to my hair dryer. My house is small so a lot of stepping over this, sucking in to get through here, etc. is required. So the cord is probably only 12-18 inches above the ground and it's not that I can't step over it. It's that I notice it and realize that just my quick step up may not be enough to clear this cord. REMINDER - it is at most 18 inches off the ground and I am 34 years old. This should not require concentration!!

Finally - I want to address why I chose HHCG. First, I learned of it from a friend who has just completed one round and had remarkable results. Second, the primary method that I have used in the past to control my weight was calorie restriction. I am not one for daily vigorous exercise, but I have typically been able to deliver in the self-control department. However, now 34-years-old and the mother of two, I could go days with calorie restriction to see only a 1lb or so loss. I want to believe that HHCG will help my body cooperate better with my daily decisions about food to produce a positive result (but negative on the scale!!)

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Believe me gspice, you will be glad you decided on this protocol. I am 59 years young, and, as people will tell you, the older you get the more difficult to drop lbs.--especially women. You aren't at the age yet, but around age 45-50 it gets harder. This protocol works, instead of a lb or two a week, in the last 18 days of vlc (very low calories) I have dropped 17.8 lbs. I think that's phenominal--good luck to you on your hcg journey.