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Recommend Doctor who prescribes Hcg Injections in St. Louis, MO area?

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I'm new to the group and hope someone can tell me a doctor in the St. Louis area who prescribes hcg injections. a while back, I tried the drops, lost 15 pounds....but didn't end the program properly. Therefore, I gained back what I lost, plus more. : ( I want to do injections, because I can't help but feel it's more potent. Can anyone help?

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  1. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar
    PERHAPS I can Help.... But you have to do it YOURSELF. What I mean is this: I went to my Primary Doc' had a full battery of Tests ( she would not prescribe it ) From Blood Panels to Eco and EKG. Told her what I was planning to do, and made appointments to see her while on the HCG for Blood work during and after the HCG. Lot's of people DO IT THERE SELF!! Then I ordered My HCG called HUCOG Premix and Vitamin B12 from I then ordered my Needles, Mixing Vials, BacterioStatic Water, Alcohol Pads, Sharps Disposal, Weight Scales and Food Scales fro When my order came in I bought a pregnancy test, mixed it and tested it to make sure we were PREGNANT... Then I started injecting. At first I had to look the other way to do it. FUNNY HUH!!! I am in day 7 of VLCD and I have lost 10.2lbs......
  2. MaryContrary's Avatar
    Hi GSW, maybe it you check out the forum pages you'll find someone close to StLouis to help you. Sorry you gained all your weight back, bummer. I did the drops and I'm doing Ok. Are you sure you'd be able to follow the plan any better using the injections?
    @ Kwanzaa Wow.. I'd never inject anything into myself w/o a doctor's help. but that's just me.
  3. GSW's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestions, Kwanzaa. My doc already knows about my struggles with weight and suggested NutraSystem. It worked well for her, but I've tried that kind of thing before and never had the success I had with hcg. I'm going to call her tomorrow about it, but like you said, I don't think she'll prescribe it.

    MaryContrary, I've never injected anything into myself, but I have into other people...I'm in nursing school. : ) I saw the segment on Dr. Oz about the pros/cons of hcg and it got me thinking about it again, since it worked so well the first time. But this time I really want to go all the injections and stick with it longer. I have at least 50 pounds to lose. I'm just the kind of person who gets discouraged if I don't see my hard work paying off quickly. I graduate RN in July of next year, and I've really love to be at a healthy weight by then!
  4. GSW's Avatar
    One more thing, do you know what strength/dosage to give yourself of the HUCOG?'
  5. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar where I purchased it has a Mixing and Dosage Section on their Page. I bought the 5,000iu because Hubby and I are doing it together. He is down 14.4.....MEN!!!! But they have directions for different IU's.... They even tell you how many cc's to inject once it's mixed. .4cc is what we take and it's equivalent to 175iu's (double check my lingo on their page). I am pretty HEAVY weighing 252.6 after loading, so I figured I could tolerate the higher dosage I even Emailed them my questions, that their Online Chat could not Answer, and they Emailed me back Answers. Now because I did a lot of research on the company first, I took the advise of some people who made complaints on the Credit Card Info that had been Stolen...... Bank of America offers something called SafeShop that creates another card # from your original Card info with a spending limit that you predetermine. That way they can't Steal from you.

    My Doc wouldn't prescribe it because she didn't want to be responsible for any things that could go wrong... I was like, just have me sign a disclaimer or something. She said she would not get into it unless she had tried it herself, being the Guinea Pig, as she put it.... I researched a lot of the side effects after she gave me some of them to think about and that's when I joined the FORUM. Just had to be sure about being sure. I take my blood pressure daily, I take 2-4 81mg aspirin daily, and I take acidophilus and probiotics daily. My diastolic was up into the upper 80's today,so I am going to see my Doc this week for Blood work to check my levels and see if I need to add any other vitamins to my regimen. I also take 1500mg of METFORMIN daily. My Endo Doc ran some test's and said whenever I eat my insulin levels go up into the low 100's and that could make it MUCH HARDER trying to loose weight without it...... I was taking the ISOTONIX vitamins daily before I started, but because they have sugar ( or sweetness ) to them I stopped them. I Hope that was a good decision..... Guess I will find out....