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Goals for P3

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So I was off about a week ago. I began my P3 on sat. I lost a total of 22 lbs and 5 inches off my waist, yay!
So now I will begin to eat more than 500 cal. My worry is that I will bounce back. This st. Party's weekend I ate a few gummy worms. I know I held strong this whole time until today. I will not let this get to me. I have more self control than that. I learned to be disciplined. So now I will push myself harder and be more strict. My goal for P3 is to lose 6 lbs so I can reach and pass my 30 lb goal before I begin round 2 of hcg. I can do this! If I get a stall, is there a way to break it on P3?

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  1. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    The goal of P3 is to maintain your weight and not lose any more. This phase is to set your brain to your new metabolism that you've worked so hard for in P2. The more you lose on this round the faster you'll regain the weight back later on. I think its great to have a goal, but generally speaking women only lose about 20-25 lbs each round. Damn hormones! Stabilize! then on to round 2
  2. Guzman85's Avatar
    I thought it was a continuation and another phase to lose weight. Boo...
    Will adding heavy exercise help maintain?like heavy cardio? Thanks for the input.
  3. Rabo's Avatar
    Guzman, you should be able to stabilize (maintain) your weight loss without the addition of "heavy" cardio. If you want to excercise, go for it, but anything you do in Phase 3 (which is a very important phase) teaches your body what it needs to maintain. So, if you do heavy cardio, you'll teach your body that it must have heavy cardio just to maintain your weight.

    Excercise, but do it moderately so your body doesn't think it *needs* it to maintain it's healthy new weight.

    You might lose weight during P3, but that shouldn't be your goal. I know it's hard to accept...
  4. pookster's Avatar
    Yep...what TFP and Rabs said....if you wanted to lose more weight stabilize for awhile and then jump back into another round of P2...but dont diet during P3 this is a very important part of "programming" your body to accept and stabilize at your new weight.
  5. Guzman85's Avatar
    Cool, I appreciate your input. Thank you!