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P3 weight loss

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Quick question, do people who enter P3 loose more weight?
I ask this because I am on day 28 of P2, and have only lost 15lbs. I stalled for three days, did an apple day and lost one pound. Then two days later, I gained a pound and did another apple day and lost .4 pounds. This was during my menstrual cycle. I've been sticking to the plan. If roasted seaweed with no soy and sea salt is cheating, then I have a few times. I'm a little frustrated because I really want to reach my weight goal of 170lbs. This does mean a lot to me at the moment.
Starting weight: 212 lbs
Weight to date: 197.2 lbs
Weight goal (round 1): 170lbs

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  1. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    I got stuck at the same time. I started at 209, am 195 and am half way through (20 more days to go).

    And it was my menstrual cycle that slowed me down. You retain water during TOM and nothing can stop that.

    If you reach close to 180, that is real close to your goal, and you will most likely lose more (just a little though) on p3. Be patient -- you are doing great!!! You WILL reach your goal one way or the other. This diet works if you work it.

    I have been walking every day starting this week. I think that might help - a little mild exercise.
  2. Love2Ski's Avatar
    I just barely lost 20 pounds on P2, and I stayed on P2 for 55 days. I am now on day 8 of P3, and 2 pounds under LIW. I'm thrilled with that---I fully expected the weight to start creeping back up, but it's creeping down instead. It's very frustrating to read the boards sometimes and seeing people dropping 30 pounds in their first round. It did not happen for me, and I don't think it happens for everyone. After my experience with the first round, I wouldn't go past 40 days again---I was stalled for the final 2 weeks and didn't start losing again until I began P3. I am not expecting any great losses during P3--I'll be happy with the extra 2 lb. I've gotten so far--but it's really comforting to see the scale NOT going up after more than a week of eating a normal amount of calories. SO many times I've starved myself, lost weight, and packed it right back on just looking at food. I am stunned every morning when I get on the scale and see that the weight loss seems to be "sticking."
  3. pookster's Avatar
    Hi Guzman... the only thing i can suggest is posting your daily menu...detail what your eating everyday so that we can look at it.. we may see something in there that you are not...a good example was Willa... she was taking her regular medication and come to find out her pills containe oil in the capsules.. so you never know.. its the little things that can hurt our results in P2... just a suggestion if your up for it.
  4. Guzman85's Avatar
    Hmmm thanks for the input. So today I went in for an HCG follow up and only lost 2pounds. I can't complain since its a lot better than that the weight I had about a month ago. I'm hoping to lose more during p3, but it can be frustrating to see how this works wonders on some people and well, some of us have to go extra hard. I write everything I eat, I will type it up and post for any help ideas from anyone. I have limited my eating out to once a week at most. :-) that's a big deal because I noticed I was becoming too lazy and made every excuse in the world why I should eat out rather than go home and prepare my meals. Thanks guys! Will keep you posted on my progress for this week.
  5. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    Technically your supposed to maintain your last injection weight by 2 pounds on P3. But if you add in some exercise & bullet proof coffee & it'll definitely help boost your energy & I'm sure you'll drop some more. I'd cut out all unnecessary rating out. You'd be surprised at all the "hidden" starches & sugars in restaurant food. Some restaurants even have their salads sprayed with a sugar water to make people like them more! You have to be knowledgable about every ingredient in every meal. One small thing could be sabotaging your efforts. Sticking as close to the protocol in Pound & Inches is the only sure fire way to succeed. Hope this help! :-)
  6. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    *unnecessary Eating out* LOL darn auto spell
  7. pookster's Avatar
    guzman.... there is noway in the world i would of lost 26.8 pounds in 28 days if i had been eating out. I didn't realize you had been eating out, i thought you were eating strictly p2 and having slow losses, thats why i suggested showing your menu.. as LBD said..surely the eating out is hurting you bigtime. there is so many hidden calories..sugars and starches in foods that i would almost bet are the culprits. And even if you can get away with it..meaning your not gaining, it may not serve you well in p3.....i am no expert..but i couldnt of handled stalls or slow losses so i stuck to protocol as hard as it was .
  8. Guzman85's Avatar
    Wow, I didn't know about the sugar water sprayed on salads! Thank you for sharing that. Now I will definitely not go out unless its some special occasion. Well now I am sticking to protocol more strict than ever. I went to losing. I lost about 2.5 lbs since I wrote my post. Any other tips will be greatly appreciated. Wow... That's a shocker, I figured since I'm having veggies with lemon as dressing at restAurants would help some what. I'm pretty nervous about starting my maintenance period (P3). I need to continue with will power. :-) thank you ladies.