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  1. OH so happy to be in my VLCDs

    R5P2 VLCD1

    My body feel expanded in places I did not know I could expand. Loaded beautifully with all my favorite foods. This is my first round in a year - thinking this might just be an annual thing. Time to push the restart button.

    Grilled up some beautiful chicken tenders for my salad today, I marinated the raw chicken in lemon juice, tumeric, garlic and some cayenne pepper - delish. Breakfast will be 7 cut up strawberries and Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green tea, ...
  2. A New Beginning!

    I was SO happy to find that this forum still exists and Grammy is still moderating and giving excellent advice!

    When I started my journey in 2011 I met a life long friend here. We still email to each other every weekday. I lost 60lbs on HCG injections in 2011 and maintained pretty well with a few rounds since then. But this year....I stopped getting on the scale and threw caution to the wind "Hellllllllo carbs" //say it in sexy-voice and it sounds much better//
  3. P2VLCD6 - Hail to the chef’s creating the P2 HCG recipes!

    I’m a creature of habit and during P2 I have a terrible habit of eating the same few meals over and over again. A goal this round was to switch it up.

    We love Indian food, so when I saw this saag recipe http://hcgdietinforecipes.com/recipe...hase-2-recipe/ - it was ON! We make some Indian food from time to time, so I had all the spices on hand. I used 1 bag of frozen spinach and 1 box of fresh baby spinach. I used the emersion blender for the cooked spinach ...
  4. VLCD5 Happy dance at the scale

    I lost 60lbs on HCG between 2011-2012. My ‘happy weight’ at 158. At 5’7 (nearly 5’8), this puts me, comfortably into a size 8. I was able to maintain around this weight for a couple years, by weighing daily, low carbs 90% of the time. 2015-2016 I loosened the reins, hence the 15lbs that have creeped up, slowly and surely.

    Today is VLCD5, I am down 9.6lbs (this includes the weight I gained from loading). I am 11.4lbs from my goal and I know that my losses are going to slow and ...
  5. R4P2VLCD2 – Down 4.2lbs.

    I love these first few days of HCG! These kinds of losses are a riot. However, I still have 2lbs of loading weight to shed, but at this rate, I think they could be gone by the end of the weekend and by next week I can start chipping away and the REAL pounds.
    I find it difficult, every round, in the first few days, not to get grandiose ideas that this is how the losses will be for the next 20-40 days (depending on the length of that round) “At this rate, I could lose 60lbs this ...
  6. YAY for VLCD!

    Last night was my final load meal and I felt so round and uncomfortable as I went to bed. Happy to be VLCD1 today!

    Did not care for that number on the scale this morning, but I know that the loading lbs will be gone in a few days and by next week I will be digging into these crazy pounds that I've been carrying for FAR too long!

    Thoroughly enjoyed my tea and strawberries for breakfast, trying to finish this 22 ounce mug of water before lunch which is taco/cabbage salad. ...
  7. Ready. Set. Goooooooooo!

    Took me a few years but I've gained back 15 of the 60 I lost, so I am back with the program.

    Using the Ovidac HCG, which didn't quite work for me last time, but I think it was a bad batch, because when I tested it, in 2 weeks in - it came up negative. But this batch, a strong POSITIVE! Could not wait for the HUCOG to arrive, so I just started with the Ovidac that I had on hand.

    My last round I felt like a pro- but it's been awhile and I am definitely rusty. I re-read ...